Linga Longa at Lynton Station; an amazing location

We spend a huge amount of time researching, travelling and reviewing various places you can stay at throughout WA. You don’t have to look very hard though, to get an idea of what an amazing country we live in. From time to time though, we come across a real gem, and Lynton Station is exactly that.

The real irony though, is that we’ve driven past this place at least 30 times and never knew it existed! We spent 5 nights here over Easter, and would highly recommend it.

Linga Longa at Lynton Station
Linga Longa at Lynton Station – the view from the hill
Linga Longa Station
Hutt River dunes, just a few hundred metres from Linga Longa
Lynton Station camping
Our camp site at Lynton Station

Where’s Lynton Station?

You’ll find Lynton Station on Port Gregory Road, roughly 500km and 5.5 hours north west of Perth. To get there, head up Indian Ocean Drive, or Brand Highway, and take the turnoff at Northhampton towards the coast, and Port Gregory.

It’s on the big corner just before the turn off to Kalbarri, and the old buildings make it hard to miss. You can see it on the map here:

About Lynton Station

Lynton Station is a small working station with a heap of history, opened up to the public to add to the list of great farm stays in WA. You can camp or stay in their cabins, depending on what suits. It’s coined ‘Linga Longa at Lynton Station’, and that’s exactly what you’ll want to do.

The station itself was settled in 1853 and was the first convict depot north of Fremantle. 60 convicts were kept here to supply labour to a nearby Lead mine. It was closed in 1857 due to the high cost of running it, and was then turned into a station.

There are a huge array of old convict buildings that are being well kept and in some cases restored for future generations to see.

The station has a small amount of cattle, with some working machinery around the place, but its quiet, relaxing and refreshing!

Sunrise at Lynton Station
Early morning, watching the sun rise
History packed buildings
Amazing old buildings full of history
Lynton station shed
Tools and gear collected over the years

Lynton Station facilities

Hot showers, flushing toilets, a small camp kitchen, BBQ facilities, an air strip and fires in season are just a few of the facilities at Lynton Station. The amenities are clean, tidy and a hot shower after a day on the beach is absolutely amazing.

There is ample room for any sort of vehicle, boating facilities nearby, Telstra mobile reception and motorbike riding is permitted. A fish cleaning station is provided, and the chooks clean up most of the offal.

Lynton Station ammenities
The caretakers house at Lynton Station

What’s special about Lynton Station?

We were really pleased with Lynton Station; its a magic spot and there are several things that make it special:

Lots of room

There are two things that really put me off some caravan parks. The first is the price, and the second is the room you are given. Lynton station is pretty big, and even over Easter (which I imagine would be one of the busiest periods), you still had plenty of your own space.

Sites are spread apart, and are huge, allowing several vehicles and trailers in without an issue. Camp sites are spread all over the main area, behind sheds and around various farm gear. All have at least some shade, and many have lawn too. There’s nothing better than having your own spot where you can spread out in.

Camping at Linga Longa
Campers spread out, enjoying themselves


There’s something incredible about the historical sites on Lynton Station. You can call in for a look if you are driving past, and visit several buildings that are now being looked after by the Northhampton Shire.

There’s a pretty interesting story that goes along with it all, and if you are staying there you have the freedom to visit any time.

Linga Longa Station
There’s no shortage of history here
Boots at Linga Longa
Old boots being put to use


I mentioned above that I detest expensive camp sites. There’s really no reason to overcharge, and at $10 per person per night for an unpowered site at Lynton Station, I think its extremely affordable.

You get hot showers and flushing toilets, lots of room and in an amazing location, without the Caravan park excess that so often gets charged.

Dog Friendly Camping

I noticed many of those visiting Lynton Station had well behaved dogs. Travelling Australia with a pet can be extremely challenging; places like this that allow dogs make many people very happy. As always, take care of your dog in a way that respects those around you and you won’t have an issue.

Amazing area

I was seriously blown away with the local area. It’s not a part of the world we’ve spent a huge amount of time in, and it was a real pleasure to see what it had to offer.

Pink Lake near Port Gregory
Our Land Cruiser at the Pink Lake
Hutt River pink sand
On the beach with pink sand at Hutt River
Sunset at Linga Longa
Beautiful sunsets every evening
Hutt River Dunes by 4WD
Exploring the dunes at Hutt River
Hutt River beach driving
A bit of a soft exit from Hutt River

Hot Showers

This is probably the forth time I’ve mentioned hot showers; we often go without, and have to do the whole sponge bath thing. Being able to walk 100 metres to a hot shower each evening was something we were very pleased about.

Great hosts

Lynton Station is owned by Greg and Jenny, and they have caretakers there to help out with the farm stay side of things. Both couples are an absolute pleasure to deal with, and more than happy to stop and have a chat.

Fantastic fishing

We love fishing and spearing, and had lined Lynton Station up as a good base place to head out from.

Unfortunately the weather was a bit windy, which made it hard to get our little tinny out, but we still did pretty well, with a big Mackerel, several Baldchin groper and Mulloway, bream and a variety of other smaller fish. Tailor and Mulloway are common when fishing from the beach.

Mackerel at Port Gregory
A decent Mackerel I shot inside the reef
Baldchin Groper at Port Gregory
Kyles’ decent Baldchin groper
Fishing at Hutt River
Even if you get nothing, the beach is spectacular
Mackerel steak for dinner
Fresh Mackerel Steaks for dinner

The view

Take the time to walk to the top of the hill, and you’ll see a truly spectacular view of Lynton Station, Hutt River and the ocean. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Hutt River

Lynton Station looks out toward the coastline, and is pretty much directly north of where the Hutt River flows into the ocean (when its flowing). You can cross the paddock at Lynton Station, drive over the road and take a short track out onto the beach.

This is by far one of the most amazing beaches I’ve been to, purely because of the pink sand which must leak through from the lake. There’s a spectacular set of dunes to relax and enjoy the sun dipping over the horizon, great fishing at the mouth and for most of the year a fair bit of wind!

Hutt River Pink Sand
The Pink sand on the beach is truly unreal

Port Gregory

The drive into Port Gregory is only 6km away, passing the Pink Lake and into a tiny town. There’s a small general store, a few houses, a jetty and not much else. Boat launching is done from the beach, with the reef keeping the main bay quite calm most of the time.

Port Gregory Pink Lake
The Pink Lake at Port Gregory
4WD Tracks at Port Gregory
Looking out over Port Gregory from some 4WD Tracks
Pink Lake 4WD Tracks
Our vehicles near the Pink Lake

Other nearby attractions

Lynton Station is actually quite central to a number of places:

  • The Pink Lake is about 4km north
  • Kalbarri is 64km north
  • Wagoe is 46km north
  • Lucky Bay is 28km north west
  • Hutt River Province is 61km north east
  • Horrocks is 28km south east
  • Northhampton is 40km south east
  • Geraldton is 90km south east
  • Ellendale Pool is 136km south east.
Hutt River Province
Hutt River Povince is truly a one of a kind place
Hutt River Province Prince
Looking through Hutt River Province after meeting the Prince
Kalbarri Coastal Gorges
Walking the Kalbarri Coastal Gorges
Coastal gorge walk Kalbarri
The Coastal gorge walks are brilliant

Is it worth it?

In a word; Yes. You won’t find a more affordable, comfortable and interesting place along the mid north west. It’s almost a Caravan Park, without the downsides of one!

Whether you are driving past, or want to make it your destination, Linga Longa at Lynton Station! This place is well and truly deserving of one of 30 unbelievable WA Camping options.

Linga Longa at night
Enjoying quiet nights at Linga Longa
12V Solar farm while camping
Our solar farm
80 Series 4WD birds
Little birds taking over my 80 Series


Wind at Linga Longa
The tree’s that grow sideways from the wind

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  1. Hey Yudhi,

    We really enjoyed our stay too. You could be right about the house; we only spent a few minutes in there, but its fascinating enough, and the view from the top of the hill is spectacular.

    All the best

  2. Stayed there before, highly recommended. Pretty sure that old house is haunted. We were exploring along with a couple in front of us, the guy tried to open the unlock door, and the door pulled itself back, for sure whatever entity in there didn’t want us to come in.

  3. Hey Dennis,

    Give the owners a call on 9935 1040

    All the best

  4. Dennis Croot says:

    How does one book in or is there contact information. Dennis.