Belair National Park Holiday Park; amazing camping near Adelaide

We’re not normally a fan of staying in Caravan Parks, especially when you have to sell half of your kidney to use one for a night, but when you are near a major city sometimes there’s no option, and we booked into Belair Holiday Park for 3 nights to do a few things near Adelaide.

As it turns out, this was a pretty awesome spot to stay at, and its in a great location too. In this post, we cover everything you need to know about Belair Holiday Park along with our experience.

Belair National Park Holiday Park camping
Our site at Belair National Park Holiday Park (yeah, that’s a mouthful!)

Why did we want to stay near Adelaide?

If you’ve been following us for a while (you can see our trip itinerary) , you’re probably wondering why we’d want to be anywhere near Adelaide, given the big smoke is not normally our thing. There’s a few reasons for that; we had promised the kids a visit to Adelaide Zoo to see the giant panda (and the other animals), I really wanted to go to the Snowys outdoor shop and see what it was like, and we had some other random shopping to do.

Cooper’s 4th Birthday was rolling around in a few days, and we’d promised to find him a pedal bike, and we needed to do the usual shopping and stocking up before heading out again. Anyway, enough of that!

Adelaide Zoo
We’d promised to take our kids to the Adelaide Zoo to see the Giant Panda

Where is Belair Holiday Park?

This Caravan Park is 12km south of Adelaide, and about 20 minutes drive by car, which is pretty impressive. It does take you down a really windy road with amazing roads, but its like you are out in the bush, only not far from the city centre.

What’s it like?

We find a lot of caravan parks are quite sterile, and in general we prefer to be somewhere with more room, more nature and less people. Belair Holiday Park is probably one of the best caravan parks we’ve been to in terms of beauty, nature and space, and we really enjoyed it.

You drive along the edge of Belair National Park to arrive, and can see immediately that the park is well shaded, and quite picturesque. The staff were friendly, the camp sites are decent and its got a nice pool and playground for the kids.

Belair National Park Holiday Park
Belair is a pretty beautiful place

You can see that there’s a fair bit of work gone into its upkeep, and its continually being upgraded. We stayed in the unpowered section which had a fair bit of road noise until later in the evening, but it wasn’t shocking and we had plenty of shade, with enough solar for the panels, which was great.

How much does it cost to stay?

Sarah spent a long time looking at Caravan Parks near Adelaide when we were heading back towards it from Rapid Bay and Deep Creek Conservation Park, but had previously earmarked Belair Holiday Park for two reasons; its locality, and its pricing.

We timed our visit to Adelaide in the first two weeks of January, which meant it was really busy with school holidays, and pricing at its peak. Some caravan parks were quoting $80 to $90 per night for an unpowered site, which we thought was ludicrous.

We ended up paying $53 a night at Belair Holiday Park for 2 adults and 2 kids (one under 4), which although its well over our average of $14.57 per night so far, it was the cheapest we could find.

Unpowered camping in Adelaide
Belair was much cheaper than other caravan parks in Adelaide

Belair National Park

Literally metres from the front boom gates at Belair Holiday Park is the Belair National Park, which is full of great walks, lots of wildlife and nice bush to enjoy. We did a few walks through it on our stay, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check out our vlog

Want to see more of the caravan park, and what we got up to in Adelaide? Check out our vlog:

YouTube video

Would we stay at Belair Holiday Park again?

If we needed to stay near Adelaide again, we’d have no issues going back to Belair Holiday Park, and would say it was actually a really enjoyable caravan park experience, unlike some of them that we’ve been to.

Sarah made the comment that this was the first caravan park she’d stayed at that didn’t have her feeling the urge to pack up and move somewhere else. It’s quiet, well run and gets high stars from us.

If you need a place to camp near Adelaide, and you can cough up the money (even though its reasonable value), Belair Holiday Park is worth a stay.

Belair National Park Holiday Park camping
There’s lots of shade, its quiet and all in all a great place to stay

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