Augusta Caravan Park review in Port Augusta

Want a cheap, no frills caravan park to do what you need to in Port Augusta? The Augusta Caravan Park might just tick that box!

After finishing exploring the Eyre Peninsula, we headed back to Port Augusta to stock up again and get a few things sorted, before moving onto the Yorke Peninsula.

We booked a couple of nights at Augusta Caravan Park (in Port Augusta) to make it a more relaxed experience, and as it turns out it was a good move; we had a delayed stop over in Kimba hospital from our youngest getting injured with me on the bouncing pillow.

Arriving at Augusta Caravan Park late in the afternoon and well worn out, we unhooked and got dinner on in a hurry.

Augusta Caravan Park
Our camp site at Augusta Caravan Park

Where is Augusta Caravan Park?

You’ll find Augusta Caravan Park roughly 8 minutes drive out of the city centre. It’s a quick, easy and simple drive.

What does it cost to stay?

Powered sites are $25 a night if you pay cash, and $29 if you pay by card. I’m not sure why the prices are so different, but its pretty decent value. If you have kids though, they’ll charge an extra $5 per night for anyone over 3 years old (normally 4).

We ended up paying $35 a night for a powered site (even though we didn’t need it), which is a lot more than what we’ve been paying on average so far, but its still decent value for a caravan park (which is one of the reasons we avoid them so often!).

Augusta Caravan Park camping
It’s not too bad value to camp at Augusta Caravan Park

What’s good about the Caravan Park?

The Augusta Caravan Park has a couple of nice shady areas to relax, and a pretty good feel about the park overall. Their showers pour more hot water than we’ve seen in a long time, and overall its a nice spot.

It’s only a short walk down the road (300 metres) to the Travellers Rest Hotel, which does great food. We made use of their Weber as well, which was a good way to avoid setting ours up late in the afternoon with two hangry kids!

Shade and a spot to sit and relax at Augusta Caravan Park
There’s a few nice places to kick back and relax

What didn’t we like about Augusta Caravan Park?

Every spot has its downsides, and Port Augusta Caravan Park is no exception. After parking our camper up, I noticed there were quite a few small ants around our site, and the more I looked, the more there were, everywhere. We’d left near Point Labatt after getting hammered by ants, and I was starting to get well and truly over them.

Whilst I wouldn’t normally complain about a few ants, there were more than a few in the caravan park. They are in the thousands around the camp sites, out the front of the toilets, in the camp kitchen and you can’t even hang washing up without getting bitten by them.

Ants at Augusta Caravan Park
The ants at Augusta Caravan Park were out of control, and a real downer on our stay

Mum and Dad specifically booked a powered site so they could run their washing machine, and when I read the park notes in the camp kitchen it says you can’t use private washing machines, which is a pain (and not really reasonable).

To make it worse though, 2 of the 3 washing machines in the park are out of service, and have been for a long time.

There’s also a train line that runs past fairly closely. Admittedly it doesn’t seem to run at night and wasn’t much of a problem, but you will hear it coming past!

Augusta Caravan Park views
Looking down Augusta Caravan Park

Would we stay at Port Augusta Caravan Park again?

Yep, if we needed somewhere to base ourselves. It’s certainly not a place we hated, but at the same time we wouldn’t rave about it either. I reckon if the ants were gone though, we’d have felt far more positively about it.

Augusta Caravan Park entry
We’d stay again; its reasonable, but not amazing

Have you stayed at Port Augusta Caravan Park? What did you think of it?

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