Kromelite Road Rest Area near Mount Gambier

We’re not usually too fond of Rest Area’s in Australia. They’re often noisy, dusty and full of people, but on the odd occasion you stumble across a good one. After spending two nights at the Bellum Hotel camped for free, we decided it was time to move, and headed off to check out the Kromelite Road Rest Area, not far from Mount Gambier.

Kromelite Road Rest Area
The Kromelite Road Rest Area just out of Mount Gambier is really good

Where is the Kromelite Road Rest Area?

You’ll find this rest area 14km East of Mount Gambier, and roughly 12 minutes by car. It’s located right on the Princes Highway, and is a short drive back into town to look at the Umpherston Sinkhole (which we did twice).

The Umpherston Sinkhole in Mount Gambier
You’ll find the Umpherston Sinkhole just down the road, at Mount Gambier

What does it cost to stay?

Camping here is completely free, which is pretty awesome

Mount Gambier Free Camping
Awesome views, and a great place for zero dollars per night

Where does the rest area end?

When we pulled into the rest area, we were pretty keen to find somewhere that was protected from the road noise, which is hard when it seems to be the main triangle backing onto the highway.

Kromelite Road Rest Area
We weren’t sure where the formal rest area ends, and camped a little up the road

I was really keen to camp amongst the pine plantation, but didn’t want to upset anyone so we set up on the grassy area between Kromelite Road and the pine plantation, which has heaps of room for lots of different campers. 

This stopped most of the road noise, gave the kids plenty of room to run around and we had great views of the pine plantation, which was perfect.

Pine Plantations are everywhere in Mount Gambier
There are more Pine plantations in Mount Gambier than we’ve seen anywhere else

We did hear later on though from a fellow camper that the farmer that owns the land is really nice, and is happy with people camping in the area as long as they aren’t too close to the pines on high fire danger days. You’d also want to leave the place pristine!

See more on our vlog

If you’re still unsure, you can see more on our vlog below:

YouTube video

Amenities at Kromelite Road Rest Area

There’s a picnic table here, and rubbish bins, but nothing else. Leave it pristine please!

What’s it like at the Kromelite Road Rest Area?

We normally don’t find rest area’s very attractive, and would only stay a night as we passed through. The Kromelite Road Rest Area is a step above anything else though, with great views, a short drive to Mount Gambier and lots of room for the kids to run around.

Yes, its not the most amazing camp site we’ve stayed at, but given its completely free its a great option. Our kids had a ball collecting pine cones, watching the many butterflies and running around, and we happily spent two nights here.

Butterfly in Mount Gambier
We had plenty of neighbours in the form of Butterflies!

Granted, our next stay at Lake Leake was even nicer again, but its much further from Mount Gambier.

Lake Leake is a beautiful spot
Our next stay at Lake Leake was even better, but its much further out

Would we stay there again?

If we needed somewhere to stop at on our way through Mount Gambier, this would be it. It’s got plenty of room, is quiet enough, has stunning views of the big pine plantations and given its free is virtually unbeatable.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay near Mount Gambier, this is it!

We'd go to Kromelite Road Rest area again
We’d stay here again for sure

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  1. Cathy and Michael Godden says:

    Thanks so much Aaron for the great detailed review. We are on our way to check out this free camping spot now. We’ve been travelling for 4.5 months and have done some free camps and some caravan parks. Feel free to follow our lap around Australia via our Facebook Page.