Moonta RV overnight stop area

After a much quicker, and less scheduled drive to the top of the Yorke Peninsula to the Kadina Christmas Parade, we had a bit of time to kill before heading to Victor Harbour for Christmas.

We’d thoroughly enjoyed Moonta Bay on our way down, and decided to leave the Kadina Showgrounds and head 15 minutes back down to Moonta, and to spend a night at the Moonta RV overnight stop area, if there was space available.

Moonta RV overnight stay
We found a place at the Moonta RV overnight stay area and pulled up

Where is the Moonta RV overnight stop area?

You’ll find this place a short walk into Moonta itself, and about 6 minutes drive to the Moonta Bay Jetty and water Park. It’s located with houses surrounding the large majority of it, on a big oval with plenty of room to pull up.

Moonta Bay Jetty
It’s only a short car drive to the Moonta Bay Jetty and free water park

What amenities are there?

I was expecting the Moonta RV overnight stay to have no amenities at all, but it has a dump point, rubbish bins and water taps. I’m not sure if the water is potable, but did see someone filling up there (so hopefully it is!).

What does it cost?

This is a donation camp, which means it costs whatever you are prepared to donate. The money goes towards keeping the place maintained though, so don’t drive out without dropping something in. We donated $10, as that’s what we paid at the Kadina Showgrounds, and this is probably equal, or even a bit better.

Moonta Bay RV overnight stay
There’s a dump point, rubbish bins and a whole lot of room

Do you need to collect your grey water?

The sign upon arrival says ‘self contained vehicles’. Now, there’s a bit of controversy as to what that means, but in this location I believe you can sensibly and respectfully let your grey water out onto the grass, or a nearby tree.

There is certainly nothing saying to the contrary, and I believe this is the most sensible way to deal with grey water!

Cleaning the dishes
Collecting your grey water to ‘dispose’ of it later is a false economy

Is it worth a stay?

We really enjoyed our one night at the Moonta RV overnight stay. There’s heaps of room, the town is great, the Total Splash water park at Moonta Bay is free and awesome, and we even spent a couple of hours in the Moonta Bay Library when it was raining and thundering, playing with the different toys and reading books with the kids.

Moonta swimming area
The swimming area off the Moonta Bay Jetty is great
Moonta engine house and history
We really enjoyed looking at all of the history
Moonta Library
We spent a few hours in the Moonta library and were very thankful of it
Sweet shop at Moonta
We grabbed a few treats at the Moonta Mine Sweet Shop

Overall, Moonta is an awesome place, and we’d highly recommend it.

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