Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park

After several weeks in the Flinders Ranges, we were low on fuel, food and had a pile of washing larger than we could ignore. In actual fact, it was taking up a large portion of the limited interior space that we have in our Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper, and something had to be done about it.

We made the call to head through Port Augusta and onto Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park where we’d kick back and get everything sorted, ready for another adventure down through the rest of the Eyre Pensinsula. On our first round we missed everything south of Streaky Bay, and had a heap to go.

Sarah chose the Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park over the Whyalla Foreshore Discovery Caravan Park near the beach, as it had better reviews, and was cheaper. In this post, we cover our experience, and some information about the surrounding area.

Entrance to Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park
We spent two nights at the Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park

Where is Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park?

You’ll find this place about 10 minutes from the Whyalla Jetty, and on the other side of town. It’s next to the Whyalla Airport, and seems like a bit of a different place for a caravan park, but its close enough to everything (a few minutes drive to the shops etc) that we were really happy.

Whyalla Steelworks
The jetty, steelworks and all of the shops are close by

What’s it like?

Caravan parks are so not our thing. Sarah and I both feel stressed with the kids in the parks, with more cars moving about and restrictions on the kids than they are used to, and we’d rather a patch of dirt in the bush any day of the week.

That said, Whyalla Caravan Park is superb. It’s not got fancy bouncing pillows, or swimming pools, or anything like that, but it’s a solid, spotless and very comfortable caravan park. I’m told new owners took over not too long ago, and by the looks of it they’ve been very busy.

Sites at Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park
Our two sites at Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park
Laundry area opposite our camp
We were camped right next to the laundry and amenities, which was convenient

The staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful, the sites are decent, everything is really clean and we really didn’t have anything at all to complain about. You can really see that the owners have a genuine care factor about this park, and I have no doubt that its going to do well long term with that sort of management.

Whyalla caravan park playground
There’s a small playground for the kids

It was a great base to set up and relax a bit, grab a heap of food, wash a heap of clothes and sleeping gear and then pack up and head out again.

Caravan sites at Whyalla
The caravan sites are decent

How much does it cost to stay at Whyalla Caravan Park?

We paid $30 for an unpowered site, with one child over 4. This is really good value, and despite a miscommunication with our booking that resulted with us in a powered site (that we didn’t use) its one of the cheaper caravan parks on the Eyre Peninsula, and a great base to pull in and do what you need.

We did notice quite a few people coming and going each day, and I suspect that people do use it for a base to re-stock, relax a bit and do what they need to before moving on.

Camped at Whyalla
The pricing is really good

What’s there to do in Whyalla?

Whyalla is an interesting town. It’s got almost every shop that you can imagine, but reminded me so much of Dampier in terms of the industry.

The jetty and foreshore is certainly worth a look, there’s a wetland that is worth a walk around and we took a drive out to 8 mile creek, but we wouldn’t go back to Whyalla for any particular attractions.

Whyalla Jetty
The Whyalla Jetty is unique, and interesting
Whyalla Jetty
The jetty is certainly one of the more unique ones
Nice swimming area at Whyalla
A nice, calm swimming area near the jetty
Whyalla Foreshore
The foreshore at Whyalla is really well done
Whyalla Foreshore
On a nice day, this would be stunning
Whyalla Visitor centre and HMAS
We called into the visitor centre but opted not to do the HMAS tour as it was being maintained, and the kids would probably hate it
8 mile beach
Exploring the 8 mile creek beach area
Rusted car parts at Whyalla
Evidence of a car that got stuck out on the beach

Would we rate it?

Yep, if you want a caravan park in Whyalla, this is brilliant. I woke up one morning at 7:45AM (yes, I slept in, after a late night on the blog), and was blown away to get outside and hear literally not a single drop of noise.

Their motto is ‘the quiet alternative’ and its exactly that. I’ve got nothing bad to say about this caravan park, and if you are looking for caravan parks in Whyalla you won’t go too wrong here!

Whilst we aren’t in the business of staying at Caravan Parks too often, we’d happily return as needed.

Whyalla Caravan Park Cabins
Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park is certainly a decent spot to stop

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