A quick weekend away at Moore River

Moore River (or Guilderton) is a tiny town only 95 Km north of Perth. As the name suggests, the town is located along a gorgeous river which runs out to the ocean.

The river is not always flowing into the ocean, but for many months it does. If you are looking at a visit, and you want to camp, check out the Moore River Camping on the left of the photo below, at the Caravan Park. It’s pretty amazing.

Moore River is a lot of fun
Moore River from the lookout

What is in Moore River?

As mentioned above, Moore River is very small! They have a caravan park, a road house, general store, visitors centre, community hall, boat and kayak rental, a park and a gorgeous river.

Moore River birds
Moore River local birds

Things to do

Moore River is a popular destination for a quick break away from Perth. You can get there just over an hour, making it the perfect place to go for the day, or weekend.

That’s not to say more wouldn’t be nicer though! Swimming, fishing, four wheel driving, walking along the beach (and various tracks along the river), photography, relaxing, golf and having a BBQ are popular, with some spectacular places to stop and look at.

Windy trees
Growth by wind

Moore River Fishing

Moore River itself is very popular for fishing. Bream and whiting are common. If you fish in the ocean, the options just get bigger – mulloway, tailor, herring, sharks and anything else that takes a fancy to your bait. If you head north along the beach there are some decent reef’s to fish near.

Fishing at Moore River
Kids fishing

Moore River 4WD tracks

Being so close to Perth, a lot of people drive to Moore River with their 4WD’s. You can get on the beach at Wilbinga, and drive all the way north until you hit the river. Please pay attention to the private owned land though, so everyone stays happy.

From Moore River, you can get onto the beach heading north, only a few hundred metres past where the river mouth is. There are numerous tracks south of the river too, but to get to these you need to enter from Two Rocks or Wilbinga (when the tides are right!)

Accommodation options

Moore River has a range of accommodation options; Chalets, a huge array of holiday homes and apartments and of course a range of Moore River Camping options at the Caravan Park. You cannot camp anywhere else nearby legally, except Moore River Ranch and also Cowalla Camping on Moore River, but these are much further inland.

Moore River
The view from our balcony

Moore River is a great location, and the perfect place to stop on your way to and from Perth. I’d highly recommend it for a quick weekend away too, or if you have more time then stay even longer!

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