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Denmark Delights

After spending nearly two weeks at Esperance, a couple of days at Bremer Bay and a couple of days at Albany, we continued towards Perth, and spent 4 nights at Parry Beach in Denmark:

Cows in Denmark

If the cows were anything to go off, Denmark must be a very happy place

Parry Beach camp site

After spending about 20 minutes looking for my wallet I realised it was in my pocket. We paid and entered.

4WDing at Rame Head

Rame head is an incredible place to take your 4WD

WA Coastlines

What a coastline we have!

Denmark 4wd tracks

With no one around, could you get much better?

Greens Pool in Denmark

I may have just answered that, at Greens Pool

Denmark snorkeling at Greens PoolAmazing water for swimming and snorkeling; what a place!

Greens Pool photography Denmark
Toffee near Denmark

Geese at the Toffee Factory near Denmark


Parry Beach Fishing

The fishing around Parry Beach didn’t yield too much whilst we were there


Launching the salmon boat

Except for the commercial fisherman who caught 22 tonnes of salmon. This is them launching the boat


Commercial salmon fishing

Heading out into the swell


Big splash at Parry Beach

I’m not sure this was part of the plan!


Commercial salmon fishing Parry Beach

After a quick loop in the boat, 2 tractors pull the nets in


Dragging the salmon net

The net is held up as best as possible while it is dragged onto shore


Salmon net Denmark

Getting closer to the shore


Salmon fishing Denmark

That’s a lot of fish!


Salmon caught at Parry Beach

Salmon on the shore


Splashing Salmon

The salmon having one last splash


Salmon fishing Denmark

A good haul for the day

Salmon sorting at Parry Beach

Everyone jumps in and helps load the salmon into big tubs


Salmon processing Denmark

Then a telehandler loads them onto a truck, ready to be processed


Beach driving Denmark

More awesome beaches


Coastline at Denmark

Plenty of different terrains along the coastline


Swimming at Denmark

And just as many incredible beaches


WA Land Cruiser Club

On the way to Dunsborough we bumped into the WA Land Cruiser club


80 Series Land Cruisers

Where I couldn’t help compare the differences (like the colour of the paint!)


Giant Karri Tree in Walpole

This photo doesn’t do justice to the size of the Giant Karri Tree. It is truly massive


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  • Bonny from wildwesternaustrali July 12, 2014, 9:05 PM

    Looks like you had an epic time around Denmark!

  • Aaron July 14, 2014, 5:58 PM

    We most certainly did. Another spectacular place down south – everywhere we went was great. The salmon were amazing, and Parry Beach overall was a fantastic place to stay

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