Albany Adventures

After spending 11 days in Esperance and a couple of days at Bremer Bay, we pushed onwards:

Albany Kangaroos
We called in at Point Riche on the way towards Albany, and saw some friendly locals
Waychinicup National Park
Then found a camp site at Waychinicup National Park and set up
Birds at Waychinicup
We immediately noticed the birds were very friendly
Waychinicup goanna
And so was the local race horse goanna!
Goanna neighbour at Albany
Looking cautiously at his new neighbours
Overcast day at Albany
The inlet was amazing, even on an overcast day
Shelley Beach view
Shelley Beach was even more amazing, and they hang glide off here!
The Gap in Albany
We called in at West Cape Howe, which was insane!
Waychinicup Inlet Sunset
We watched the sun go down over the inlet
Albany Possums
And got woken several times throughout the night by a very confident possum
Albany bogged 4wd
The next morning we helped a bloke out who picked the wrong place to turn around
Rubber matting Albany 4x4
A lot of the rubber matting on the tracks is in desperate need of repair
Cheynes Beach lookout
The view onto Cheynes Beach was incredible
4x4 in Albany
The 4WDing in Waychinicup National Park is fantastic
Albany 4wd views
And it offer some awesome views

Full pressure and 4WDing don't mixWe had to wait about half an hour for this bloke to let his tyres down from full pressure, then be recovered

4WDing around Albany

Dunsky Beach in AlbanyDunsky Beach was nothing short of amazing

Waychinicup River in Albany
But you wouldn’t complain about the view from our camp site
Wildlife at Waychinicup
We went for a walk to spot some wild life. Look closely!
Snakes at Waychinicup
A big snake!
Snakes and wrens
Quite possibly waiting for this red wing fairy wren to hop by
Quenda at Waychinicup
A Quenda had no worries walking around our tent at night
Quenda photography
It was even pretty calm with us hanging around
Cosy Corner Albany
We called in at Torbay Inlet and Cosy corner on the way to Denmark


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