Lucky Bay Kalbarri; Amazing coastal camping

If you are looking for stunning beach side camping then Lucky bay might be for you. There are two bays in Western Australia which are known as Lucky Bay, and both are amazing places to visit but also extremely far apart.

One is located in the south east of WA, near Esperance, and the other is located on the west coast of WA, near Kalbarri and Wagoe.

Today, we are checking out the Lucky Bay Kalbarri, which we’ve been to many times and always enjoy coming back.

This camp ground is now officially run by the DBCA (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; formally DPAW/CALM), and has a main camp ground set back from the beach with basic amenities, or you can go further towards the water and camp where you like, as long as you are set up for off grid camping.

Enjoying Lucky Bay, Kalbarri
Lucky Bay near Kalbarri is a spectacular location

Accommodation is camping only (including your Camper Trailer or Caravan), unless you stay at the Wagoe Chalets. You also need a 4WD to get to Lucky Bay.

The bay has a reef that runs parallel with the beach out about 50 metres, and it blocks most of the swell that comes in. The result is a bay that is flat calm, with some great fishing, snorkelling and surfing (the waves are further south).

Lucky Bay Kalbarri
Lucky Bay Kalbarri is a stunning part of the world

How do you get to Lucky Bay?

Lucky Bay is located in between Port Gregory and Wagoe (and Kalbarri). To get to Lucky Bay, you just drive up George Grey Road as you would normally to get to Kalbarri.

The entrance to the track is about 10 kilometres north of Port Gregory, on Baline Road. This takes you West, then South, and then North West and you’ll end up at the main camp ground at Lucky Bay, where a lot of people stay. 

Pay your fee’s, and find a camp site, or head along the track even further until you end up on the beach at Lucky Bay.

It’s almost impossible to miss; a huge reef that runs along with a brilliant coloured bay. There are some massive dunes at Lucky Bay, so be careful where you drive!

The track before the shacks can often be flooded in winter; check the depth before you cross. Also, the track after you pass through the shacks can be tight, and scratches on your car are common.

Do you need a 4WD to get to Lucky Bay?

As mentioned above, to get to the beach of lucky bay, a 4WD is vital. If you don’t have one, then basically you are limited to the camp grounds set back from the beach.

The beach sand is very soft, and trying to get a 2WD vehicle to the beach is a recipe for disaster. For those cars that have little clearance and lack low range, you might want to give it a miss too, unless you are confident.

Lucky Bay Point
Lucky Bay Point

You will need to run your tyres at around 15PSI, but there are areas where you may need to go much lower at times. A number of people tow camper trailers and boats into Lucky Bay, but you wouldn’t want anything too big, unless the sand is hard and you are very confident.

Most of the boats that you see are smaller than 18 foot, and I have yet to see a huge caravan there!

Lucky Bay and Boats

To be honest, you don’t really need a boat at Lucky Bay. You can fish off the back of the reef, and you can easily get a good feed. In saying this, boats are popular (especially little dinghies). Launching is easy going as the sand close to the water is hard and the water is flat calm.

Many people just drag their boats up for the night, but do what you are comfortable with. There is some great fishing outside of the reef, and you don’t need a big boat to get there. Be sure to let your tyres down on both the boat trailer and your four wheel drive, or you may find it hard going.

Lucky Bay Reef

The reef at Lucky Bay really makes the place worth going to. It has some great diving, and plenty of fish to see or catch.

Spear fishing is permitted, but you still have strict bag limits and some species of fish cannot be shot. On a calm day you can snorkel around the back of the reef too, but be wary of the currents at the tip of the reef.

There is plenty to see on the protected side of the reef, which is great if the wind and swell has picked up a bit. The water will flow over the reef occasionally, so don’t be too surprised if everything goes white and bubbly for a few seconds when you are swimming in the area!

Lucky Bay Reef
Lucky Bay Reef

Lucky Bay Fishing

Fishing off the bay often gets a good feed of herring and whiting, especially if you burley up well. For those looking for something a little bigger, you can fish off the beach further north or south, or off the reef.

If the water comes over the reef more than a tiny amount it can be dangerous, so pay attention to the swell and what the weather is doing.

Snorkelling on the reef
Snorkelling on the reef

We have caught some nice mulloway off the beach, and there are plenty of sharks, dart, tailor, garfish, parrot fish and other species.

There is always a good place to go fishing at Lucky Bay; the beach heading north to Wagoe has some brilliant locations. Also, the tip of the reef had a lot of fish swimming around that you could catch easily no doubt.

Lucky Bay Surfing

This is something that not a lot of people actually know about. Just south of Lucky Bay there is a break which seems to have some nice waves.

There are quite a few people that go to Lucky Bay with surf boards, but you can’t expect waves every day. Just throw a board in and if the swell is up go for it. Otherwise, you can relax, fish, four wheel drive, go for a ride on the motorbikes or go diving.

The dunes behind Lucky Bay

The dunes behind Lucky Bay are some of the biggest that you will see in Western Australia. Four Wheel Drives, motorbikes, buggies and sand boarders are often common in the area. You really want to pick the right line, as some of the dunes have odd shapes and it is easy to get into trouble.

Riding a quad in the dunes
Riding a quad in the dunes

Make sure you throw in a sand board or two, as there is a lot of fun to be had on these monster sand dunes. Motorbike riding at Lucky Bay is permitted. Having a sand flag makes for a much safer trip through the dunes, and this applies for both 4×4 cars and motorbikes.


Wagoe is a few kilometres north of Lucky Bay, and is known mainly for the accommodation on the farm; Wagoe Chalets. The only way onto Wagoe beach is through the property, or through Lucky Bay. To get access onto the beach through Wagoe, you need to stay at the farm.

The sunsets are amazing in this area
The sunsets are amazing in this area

The prices for camping and the homes are very cheap, especially if you go with a large number of people. The houses are fairly old, but they are comfortable and prove to be a great place to stay. You have private access to the beach, a great view and very friendly hosts.

What do you need to take to Lucky Bay?

There are no provisions at Lucky Bay outside of the main camp ground, so you need to bring everything. If you are staying in the main camp ground you have access to a dump point and toilets, and that’s it.

You need to take your own water for cooking and drinking, firewood, a toilet and supplies (if away from the main camp), food, camping gear, plenty of fuel, a compressor to pump tyres back up, first aid kits, fishing rods, surf boards, snorkelling gear and anything else that you might want.

We have found that an inverter works miracles (plugs into the cigarette lighter and can power 240v lighting for a few hours easily).

Cooking some food
Cooking some food

Also, having a fridge in your car is helpful if you are staying for a while. You really need to be self sufficient, as there are not always a heap of people staying there, and driving out to Kalbarri or Port Gregory is a pain.

A tyre deflator is a good idea, as it makes deflating your tyres quick and easy. I have a Ferret tyre deflator, but the ARB tyre deflator is well worth the money.

Toilets and Lucky Bay

If you are visiting Lucky Bay, you need to take your own toilet with you, or use the ones at the main camp ground.

Lucky Bay Camping

Depending on the weather, most people will camp behind something that offers a bit of protection. The wind can be an issue when it is blowing off the ocean, so setting up behind the first dune can be a great source of protection. It also gives you a bit more privacy.

There are no restrictions on where you can camp, so just find somewhere that is protected and private and set up.

Please note you can only stay for 28 consecutive days, and that generators are not permitted.

Camping behind the dunes
Camping behind the dunes

Of course, don’t camp on dunes or on the car tracks! Camping is $15 per vehicle, per night, which makes it a great, budget friendly holiday.

What to do with rubbish

There are rubbish bins at the main camp, where you need to leave your rubbish, and fish offal. Please ensure that all of your rubbish is taken away, and that the area is left clean. We have seen Hill River and Wedge Island closed for camping, and I would hate to give them a reason to close Lucky Bay.

Dogs at Lucky Bay

You are allowed dogs at Lucky Bay, but be sure to keep them under control. We found that the people at the bay were friendly and didn’t mind dogs running around freely, but keep an eye on them! It’s best if they are tied up at night, or when you are not able to look after them.

The beach north of Lucky Bay
The beach north of Lucky Bay

If you are looking for somewhere to camp that is quiet, relaxing and cheap to visit, then Lucky Bay near Wagoe is for you. It isn’t much more than 5 hours drive, but there is a lot to keep you occupied. Places like these are not very well known, but they are so worth telling people about.

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  1. Hi Sue,

    Some of the camp sites are fairly close, and even the furthest away is easily suitable for walking.

    You might find you can take your 2WD onto the beach too; its often rock hard and if there’s no big humps or drops 2WD and AWD vehicles are common. Wait and see what its like when you arrive, but you’ll have no issues walking either way

    All the best

  2. Thanks for the post. I am wondering how far back from lucky bay beach is the campground? We will be in a 2wd so wonder how far to walk to the beach


  3. Thank you Aaron, I will try Murchison River. Please let me know any other beginners tracks near Perth.
    Regards Raj

  4. Hey Raj,

    I would avoid sand until you have some experience with tyre pressures, and how your 4WD works. Lucky Bay is beautiful, but you can easily get stuck if your tyres aren’t down and you don’t know how to engage 4WD properly.

    There’s a lot of tracks that head off down the Murchison River; you could start there. Other than that, I don’t really know of too many tracks around Kalbarri, unless you go across to the Murchison Station which would be great, but you have to pay an entry fee.

    All the best

  5. Hi Aaton, next week we are going to Kalbarri for five days stay. We just bought Pajero Sport GLS, first time driving 4×4. Could you please advise an easy track to start with. Thanks Raj

  6. Hey Natalie,

    Unlucky! Wikicamps seems to say there is Telstra reception, and you should be able to look up your carriers signal strength on their website, via a map.

    How fast and reliable the service is, I have no idea.

    You’d get reception towards Port Gregory or Kalbarri too, so it depends on how much work you have to do, and if you are prepared to drive around if needed.

    Have an amazing trip

  7. Natalie Coleman says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Am heading to Lucky Bay, Kalbarri this weekend (large group of us). All experienced 4wdrivers and looking forward to the trip. I unfortunately been told I need to do work (which requires internet access)…I know boring me…but don’t want to miss out on this amazing trip. Do you know if there is Internet access / phone signal in order for me to login online?

    Thanks for your help,

  8. Hey Jackie,

    So long as you drop your tyre pressures all round a lot, you’ll be able to camp pretty much wherever you want. The sand can be super soft though, so take your time and maybe go for a drive in unhitched first. The main camp ground is easy to get to though. All the best.


  9. Hi Aaron,
    This place sounds amazing, in your opinion would there be anywhere to camp with a total offroad 19 foot caravan? Even around the old shacks maybe?

  10. Hey Russell,

    To be honest, I haven’t been in on the new way for several years. It’s likely you probably can get there by 2WD now. If you ring the DPAW or DBCA they should be able to clarify

    Take care mate

  11. Russell Walsh says:

    Would love to go to Lucky Bay. A mate of mine at Getaway Outdoors said I should be able to get in with my 2WD Rodeo and 15ft caravan. But reading your article it’s basically 4WD only. Was told its a great spot to fish inside the reef on kayaks. Could I get in 2wd only or to bigger risk. TIA

  12. Sasha Dixon says:

    most importantly always pay you’re respect to Country and its Traditional Owners, and as for the so called labelled locals,! betcha the land was mighty cheap bak then unna! anyway u mob when you go out camping around have a boss time and also see and learn what Country you standing on is all about!, its people and spiritual connection to the dreamtime,seek the stories and meanings an then sit back quiet ways at a beautiful peaceful spot and venture into ur own inner peace allow ur mind and soul to see and listen as u enter ur own spiritual journey, a journey at its highest n truest form, a journey that’s truly embedded with pride and 60,000 years plus of Culture, we are now all the custodians of this great land and our purpose is to continue this practice for it to survive for another 60,000 years, its not something u can just Google or even come close to have written an essay on bak in the day,but if u give espect, and acknowledge all of its components u are allowing for a truly defining moment, lessons that allow u to comprehend and understand urself, ur purpose, and the history that u leave behind..Keep Australia Beautiful

  13. G’day Jason,

    You aren’t wrong; it’s an amazing place. Never mind mate; you know for next time. It will be just as beautiful the next time around, and hopefully you can spend a few days there!


  14. Just got back from four days at Horrocks and did a day trip to Lucky Bay.

    Wish we had of just gone straight to Lucky Bay!

    Such a beautiful spot.

  15. Gail Knapton says:

    Hi Jimmy, we go there every Easter, also have an off road camper. Firstly, yes Easter is very busy as the weather is better than Christmas, and you will have no problems getting to the safe swimming bay at the northern end but take the more inland tracks from the shacks whilst your towing, you can go on the beach from and to the shacks when not towing, just ensure tyres are low pressure. There are so many spots to choose, google maps is deceiving it isn’t one big sand dune, find a bush on the southside (shelter from any wind), most people go north of the shacks. Enjoy!!

  16. Hi Jimmy,

    The great thing about Lucky Bay is it is massive! Most people camp either right on the beach, or behind the first dune. Most camping is done close to the lagoon, but there is nothing stopping you from going further north or south. You will be fine getting in there with the trailer; just let the Prado and trailer tyres down (15 maximum) and take it easy. The tracks are pretty well marked out, but they aren’t super hard.

    It is always busy over Easter, but because of the size of it there isn’t ever too much of a drama. Obviously the best spots get taken quickly, but you will always find a spot. It can be windy up there at that time of year too, but the lagoon is always good for snorkeling, even when the foam is rolling over the reef.

    Have a great time

  17. H iall, some questions:

    How busy is Lucky Bay over Easter? I assume its hectic, but can you still get a spot to camp? I’ve got an off-road camper trailer which I assume is ok to get in there but how full on are the tracks or are we talking seasonal soft vs hard sand (I’ve got a prado and recovery gear)? Google maps makes it look like one big sand dune so where do you camp once past the shacks, do most people go up to the lagoon area to camp or closer to the shacks? Is there a quieter spot for kids or just take it on anywhere?

    cheers campers

  18. Gail Knapton says:

    Hi WarrenThe northerly lagoon is great for that, very safe as long as you stay inside, we are in our 60′s and have snorkelled there, my partner is a big sook and wouldnt dare do that unless it was safe. If its calm enough in the southern areas then you can, personally I wouldn’t, too scared of sharks. We have caught off the beach shark, tailor, mullaway and stingray, oh and the odd submarine that goes through, no one yet has managed to land that one, I think there is a large shark with a lot of bling!!
    I can email a photo to you showing the size of the lagoon, contact me:
    Regards, Gail

  19. Gail Knapton says:

    Hi Warren
    The northerly lagoon is great for that, very safe as long as you stay inside, we are in our 60’s and have snorkelled there, my partner is a big sook and wouldnt dare do that unless it was safe. If its calm enough in the southern areas then you can, personally I wouldn’t, too scared of sharks. We have caught off the beach shark, tailor, mullaway and stingray, oh and the odd submarine that goes through, no one yet has managed to land that one, I think there is a large shark with a lot of bling!!

  20. Thanks Gail and Aaron, appreciate the info. Just another question, how big is that lagoon and what fish can be caught from it? Planning on taking my fishing kayak and if the swell is too large I will not wonder offshore but rather stay in the lagoon.

  21. Gail Knapton says:

    Hi Warren
    We go at least a couple of times a year with an off road camper trailer and only got stuck the first time with it as we didnt know what we were doing but were fortunate to have someone pull us out of trouble. As for mobile reception, Telstra will pick up periodically but no other service provider will. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  22. G’day Warren,

    Get some recovery gear. As a minimum, you want a compressor, tyre gauge, shovel and a snatch strap. There is most likely people at Lucky Bay every weekend, but with the right tyre pressures you won’t ever get stuck anyway. The navara will do it with ease

    Have fun

  23. How did you go Ben?

    Guys, planning to take the wife and little one + two dogs for camp and fish trip to lucky bay, never been before. We have D40 Navara (stock) would it do the job? Also I know it is probably recommended to have 4wd recovery gear, I do not – is this necessity or can I get by without? Also doubt there is mobile reception,m taking a handheld cb just in case.

    Anyone been out there lately?

    thanks guys

  24. G’day Ben,

    You will be fine mate!


  25. Ben Grave says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve got a 07 Navara, pretty much stock so far, i’ve put a snorkel and some rubber on, but it’s just got the stock suspension on and a decent bar at the front which has dragged it down a few inches, just wondering if that will give me any grief getting to Lucky Bay, I’ll be towing a small bike trailer with 3 bikes on it so I just want an idea if the nav will get through alright, i’ve never been up there so if anyone can offer any advice or thoughts, that’d be great.

  26. Hi Shay,

    You will have a great time; it truly is a magnificent place. Let me know what you think!


  27. Hi there – we are heading up to lucky bay soon so excited cant wait!!


  28. Thanks Frank – appreciate the regular updates!

  29. Gday Scott,
    yeah went down there last week just after easter, took a ute load full of rubbish back to kalbarri tip with me, it was real busy over easter and will be again this holidays.
    as usual the sou wester cleaned all the tracks made by quads, bikes etc and it looked real good.
    place will get hammered again next couple weeks and mother nature will clean up again after.
    the tracks are pretty good and you wont have any problems long as you let your tyres down.
    only dodgy bit was the beach on the lagoon [ allways is a bit but.]
    good luck finding a camp site

  30. Hi Scott,

    I haven’t been up there lately, but perhaps a local will reply to the comment. However, providing you let your tyres down you won’t have any issues. My mate drove a GQ patrol through the dunes with a camper trailer in tow, and managed to sink at the top of one. Let his tyres down to 8 PSI and walked out.

    Stick to the tracks with your camper and you won’t; have any problems

    Enjoy it mate; its an epic place

  31. Just wondering how the tracks are up there at the moment, I am planning on heading up there for the Anzac Day long weekend( well I am making it a long weekend) driving a nissan patrol(front and rear diff lockers) and towing a camper trailer.

    Thanks in advance

  32. G’day Alex,

    Epic effort mate; I was quite impressed when I saw it. Shame about the CV boots though, but I guess it proves the 4WD system works decently, considering the massive lack of clearance!

    Enjoy mate

  33. Aaron,

    Yeah mate that Subaru Impreza may have been mine! It was a bit of a struggle and ended up ripping the CV boots (CV’s needed replacing anyway), but I did get the car in (and out!) all of the way without assistance. I wouldn’t have done it though if I wasn’t travelling with some family members who all had proper 4WD’s to help out if I got stuck.


  34. G’day B,

    I’ve found when its hot the sand is the worst – we towed two boats in early one morning and had no issues. After a great day, we left when the sand was too hot to stand on, and had quite a few issues getting out. I’ve also found that as the sand moves around a lot up there the places that aren’t regularly driven on can be incredibly soft. I’d never even come close to getting my Hilux stuck in sand, but I did a few times in remote parts of the dunes!


  35. Was up there four days from Boxing Day. Soft/deep as in places. I’d be careful in anything other than properly sized 4wd. That said we go quite far south all way to port Gregory so not really referring to LB itself (which was busier than a brothel on New Years!!!)

    Extremely hot few days. Trick was to park on edge of water for day (at least one of the 4wds with awning) , and try not to do too much except swim , hydrate , kite surf , surf.

    Mates were hanging around the camp a lot and getting seriously overheated. Have a moveable setup so you can move to water during day.

  36. Hi Dan,

    The sand up there can be seriously soft in the dunes, but if you stick to the main tracks you shouldn’t have too much of an issue. I have seen a Subaru Impreza parked near the beach; not really sure how he made it in! Let your tyres down properly, and make sure you know how to get out of a sticky situation. Do your mates have four wheel drives?


  37. Hey mate, me and a few mates have planned to head up to Lucky Bay for a few nights in early feb. After reading your blog, I am starting to become a bit concerned. I have a Nissan X-Trail 2002, and was wondering if it will be okay to get through the sand and the dunes?

  38. Gday qwerty,
    the wind at lucky can be an issue if you dont plan properly where you camp.
    generally the mornings are great and the best time for snorkelling and sandboarding etc.
    the wind is normally E, SE early on and light but around midday it turns to a S or SW and can be strong. the best place to camp is in the lee of the dunes on the north side. if you can find a dune that has a decent scrub cover even better. watch out for gwarders but, they like the scrubby dunes too. best tip i can give you is get up at sunrise, enjoy the morning doing stuff,spend the arvo and evening getting rid of beer and fishing. take a tinny through the channel as early as you can and get back in before lunch
    regards Frank

  39. G’day Qwerts,

    The wind can be a bit annoying, but I’ve never found it to be much of a problem. Wind off the land is the best, and when the sea breeze comes in it can get a bit rough. Even if it is blowing a gale towards land, its still protected enough inside the bay to snorkel and enjoy the odd soapy water that comes over the reef. The wind can be unpredictable, but it’s not something you need to be too concerned about.


  40. Hey Aaron,

    I’ve heard that certain winds are no good at lucky bay… depending on the direction mainly. Any ideas what wind direction is good / bad up there?


  41. G’day Craig,

    I am not sure exactly how the fishing is at Lucky Bay right at this moment, but I’ve never been disappointed up that way. Anywhere around Wagoe and Lucky Bay is usually great

    Have an awesome trip

  42. How ya going?
    Just wondering if around as time at lucky bay north if people are catching huge Taylor at all. I seem an episode on tv quick has made me want to go to lucky bay ASAP. Look like a barrel of fun. Great fishing!!!!

  43. Hi Kayla,

    You won’t have any issues, providing you let your tyres down enough. Vitara’s are great in the sand. I would suggest in between 12 and 15 PSI, and go lower if you have to. Have a read of this – Beach Driving

  44. Hey there,
    This looks like a really amazing place- exactly what I was looking for. Just wondering if my lil Suzuki grand vitara (short wheel base) might have any problems ?

  45. Thanks for the comment Gav,

    It certainly is an awesome place – one of my favourites. The weather can be a bit of a gamble, but even when its windy you can still have a lot of fun in the bay.

    Take it easy mate


  46. Gday everyone, firstly I would like to say what an informitive and interesting web site this is. I have enjoyed many hours navigating my way through all of the information,Congratulations Aaron and thankyou. Anyway back to the subject my family and I lived in Kalbarri for 9 years and Lucky Bay was a weekend get away for us,my old cruiser ute was good enough to camp in for a couple of days.Now we,ve had to move to Perth for work and will be one of these so called city slickers coming to Lucky Bay to camp,In saying that it will be in a camper trailer and for a week at a time and yes the wind blows from the south at gale force for about 7 months of the year and then when it stops the temp cools down so it is very hard to pick the weather. When there is a trough off the coast it is very calm and in my opinion the best time to camp at Lucky And what a wonderful place it is so taking your rubbish with you is a no brainer.We are always going to get idiots and thats the way it is but to blanket everyone who live in the city as nieve is wrong, lets share with everyone who enjoy the outdoors we,ve all got something in common already.
    Great Web site Aaron Thanks.

  47. G’day Rod,

    I’ve never seen a sea lion up there – interesting! If you are looking for a small chalet or a powered camping site Wagoe is the place to go. It’s only about 15 minutes drive along the beach (north of Lucky Bay).

    Take it easy mate

  48. HI Aaron,
    None of us are particualarly good at fishing. We did sit in the water and watch some big fish swim by :-). We also watched some guys getting hassled by a large Sea lion whilst towing a net into the bay with a row boat. I am assuming they caught some fish in the net, but the Sea lion was the most entertaining thing.

    We didn’t get to Wagoe. Will need to spend longer than 2 nights next time. Most of sunday was taken up trying to find our way out :-).


  49. G’day Rod,

    I’m glad to hear you had a great time. It truly is a magnificent place. You aren’t wrong about the many tracks though! Did you do any fishing, or head to Wagoe? That is a great place too.


  50. Wow. That really is a beautiful place. We had a great time. Wish we could have stayed longer. You were right, we had no problems getting in there. Unfortunately took several wrong turns trying to get out (It’s like a finger trap). A few dead ends in the dunes, with camper trailers on made the going quite difficult. I would recommend anyone going in for the first time to create a breadcrumb trail on your GPS. Or at least look back in every clearing to see which track you came from. There are hundreds.

    We did get out eventually though and would definately return. Next time will be for more than 2 nights though. The swimming was awesome.

    Thanks everyone for your tips and advice. We made sure to take more rubbish out than we brought with us.

  51. Thanks Frank,
    Just picked up a set of MaxTrax, can’t hurt to have them just in case.
    I’ll let you know how we go up there.


  52. I reckon western australia is a fantastic place with a lot to offer for everyone. there is no reason to lock a place up for locals only. i am a local and most of us here welcome visitors to our pristine backyard. i can understand gods complaint about people doing the wrong thing. But i dont think we should keep it for locals only. we can share and its not city slickers fault they live in the big smoke. someone has to live there. just not me.
    anyway to stop locals from getting pissed of its very simple.
    drive sensibly and on the tracks
    take your rubbish with you
    bring your own firewood
    fish for the future
    respect the place and others.
    its really easy to do all of these and 99% of people do. thats why i like tourists who care. come and visit and please spend some money in our town. its good for everyone. then after the easter rush we can go back to sleep till the next holidays.
    hey Rod, you wont have any trouble on the track mate. is like a highway into the shacks and not too bad after that. reckon we wont get much rain and if we do it will take a big dump to cause any trouble. just remember to wash your vehicles if there are puddles. the water in them is very salty. and god, please lighten up a little mate. is not your place. we all just passin through

  53. Well God
    You created man, it’s your fault! We have been enjoying this wonderful place for a long time, we respect it as everyone should and most people do, don’t lump everyone in the same basket. Also, if you were really God, your spelling and grammar would be much better and I’m glad your message wasn’t deleted, I take it then that you wont spoil the place with your presence!

  54. G’day Mate,

    Regardless of what I do this place will always continue to grow in popularity. It’s just how great things work. I’ve done my best to encourage people to take their rubbish with them, and I hope they do.


  55. HI Guys,
    Well our trip has been planned for a while now for this Friday. Booked camper trailers .. etc.
    Just checked the weather again. Looks like 30 degrees and chance of thunder storms on Sat (90% chance of rain). And 33 degrees with possible tunderstorms on Sunday (60%) chance of rain.

    So my question is. Is it still doable in this kind of weather? Are the tracks passable when wet?
    We have 2 new Prado’s and 2 Camper trailers and will be letting our as much air as is required. We do not have winches or super duper recovery gear. (I do have a snach strap, shackles, recovery blanket thingy, shovels and air compressor)


  56. why advertise the beautiful place? yous bring all the city slikers with yas and stuff the tracks leave rubbish and fish the place out…..beat it! its just gona be another good thing ruind in wa at least try keep it quiet. …no respect for the land and the locals!
    this message is probly gonna get deleted. watch

  57. G’day Brett,

    That’s awesome to hear. I too love going to Lucky Bay – it is an incredible place.

    Happy Travels

  58. Aussie Brett says:

    Discovered Lucky Bay a little while back and now it has just about become our second home, only one trip out of six with no fish, have a 98 Hilux 2.7l petrol and she handles the sand from sandalwood to wagoe with no real issues running in low range and tyres at 18 psi, going back again tomorrow for a nights fishing with wife, brother and sister-in-law all keen fisherpersons

  59. G’day Frank,

    Thanks again for your comment. The sand up that way can be incredibly soft – it is all about tyre pressures. I’ve towed and launched a boat from the point there, and we had a hard time getting out and back onto the track. However, you just keep dropping the pressures down and its not an issue!


  60. Gday Aaron,
    i have a 3.0l diesel 2000 hilux crew cab with lift kit and it just eats the sand at lucky.

    the trick is just let tyres down and cruise along steady.we have allways had a campfire there but as Aaron said you need to bring your own wood, kindling too. there is a bit there but it must be left alone as habitat for wildlife and dune structure. also we take a bit of old roof sheeting for a wind break on the south side of the fire.
    regards Frank

  61. G’day Joe,

    You won’t have any issues, and it is likely that you will see other people up there anyway. As long as you have a shovel, tyre pressure gauge, compressor and some reasonable four wheel driving skills you will be laughing. Have a look above at the comments – there are some great directions from Frank

    Have an awesome trip

  62. hey mate..
    reading up about lucky bay, looks unreal, have only just moved to Perth from Adelaide an wana do a trip up there very soon just wanted to know whether i would have any issues gettin through as prob only the one 4wd going.. a 2003 hilux lift tyres an all the good stuff, very confident in the vehicle just not knowing the track has me a little worried..

  63. Hi Rod,

    I’d be surprised if they were banned, but I don’t know for sure. There is nothing to burn – so you need wood. As long as you keep it small and clean up I doubt you would have any drama’s


  64. Hi Guys,
    Now that I have the driections, I have one more question.
    Are camp fires allowed at lucky bay?


  65. G’day Frank,

    I was at Kalbarri just before Christmas – wrote a post on it here. I watched the sky divers land on the other side of the river several times. It sure looks like fun


  66. G’day Frank,

    Sounds like the fish are still providing lots of entertainment. It would be great to see the fishing competition results. Just make sure there are some fish left in the ocean for us!


  67. gday Aaron,
    at the risk of sounding like a salesman,can i say that there is an awesome new way to view kalbarri from the air. Kalbarri Skydive do jumps over town now with a beach landing across the river. I have no association with them but am willing to promote great things that will bring visitors and their much needed tourist dollars to our wonderful town.
    see you all up here for some fantastic fishing
    regards Frank

  68. gday Aaron,
    no not really mate, the weather hasnt been good for shore based fishing really, swells and strong winds,bit of weed. hopefully it will calm down soon. we had a small river come down in kalbarri recently which turned the water and brought the mulloway out. also tailor at black rock wash. this weekend is the kalbarri classic fishing comp for boaties and river fishers. is run over three days and the weigh ins at the pub should be epic [4pm] 2nd 3rd and 4th march.
    just started line class fishing last year and managed a 12kg mackerel on 4kg line and a 18kg yellowfin tuna on 6kg line. check out murchison boat hire website. laurie has a great site with lots of info , photos and good rates on boat hire.
    interesting spot i went to a few weeks ago was the Hutt river mouth. excellent gutters and outflows with lots of mulloway,tailor and evening sharks
    regards Frank

  69. G’day Frank,

    Thanks for the comment mate – appreciate it. It is sad that people don’t leave the place as they found it. Its common sense that leaving rubbish behind is only going to increase the likelihood of a ban being imposed.

    Have you got any whopper fish up that way recently?


  70. G’day Rod,

    See Frank’s comment regarding the turn off.

    You will have an awesome time up there – it’s an amazing place


  71. gday Rod,
    the road you take is on the left heading north ] just before whitewater farm entrance which is on the right. there is a windmill on the north corner of the road entrance. once on the road its about a km then sweeps around to the south. the second track in on the west side leads to halfway bay [ has just been graded and is in really good nick ] once through the shacks take the track on the right and will lead straight to lucky bay. take it easy as is deeply rutted in sections and bit muddy in parts. but side tracks are in place and you can avoid the mud.
    once over the limestone area the sand gets quite soft and recomend tyre pressure down to 18,20 psi. has been very windy here but so there will be sand drifts. also there is a big drop off just shy of the point so take care as is hard to see until you get to it. there is a track to the left about 200m before drop off so recommend take that. it leads around to the bottom safely.
    enjoy mate.
    fish lucky regularly as am lucky enough to live in kalbarri and am happy to share local knowledge. but please everyone respect our wonderful coast here and fish for the future. took a ute load of rubbish off the beach recently and put it into the bin at the entrance to the shacks. simple really

  72. Thanks so much Aaron,
    So from google maps it looks as though we turn off GeorgeGrey Drive onto the the track called Balline road (The others look like they have locked gates.) and then turn north on the track that is also called George Grey Drive. Does that sound sort of correct?

    Thanks for the advice on the tyres. We have 2 new Prados and if they are as good as the 2006 one I had they should have no problems in the soft sand once we let the tyres down. I haven’t towed a trailer on the beach before so it should be interesting.

    I picked up a toilet tent on special in January after reading your info here. We are only there for 3 days this time, but I’m hoping it will be a regular thing if it works out ok.


  73. G’day Rod,

    Have a look on nearmap – you can literally see all the tracks in the area. Print them out and you should be fine. There isn’t really any way to get lost – its fairly straightforward. Make sure your tyre pressures are low, especially if it is soft. 8 PSI may be necessary if it is very soft, and letting the camper trailer tyres down makes all the difference.

    I hired a Camper Trailer a few years ago and went up there – had an awesome time. If you can find an area behind a dune you will be much more comfortable. Also, if you don’t have a toilet tent you might want to think about one – nothing at all to hide behind!

    Have fun mate

  74. Thanks for the tip on a good location.
    We have hired 2 Camper Trailers and will be heading up there on the 23rd of March.
    Any ideas were we can get more info. (Maps .. etc.) As its our first time I would like to have the best chance of not getting lost or taking the wrong track.


  75. Thanks for the interesting story. It can be very boggy up there, depending on the weather. I will continue visiting it – love the snorkeling, fishing, boating and four wheel driving


  76. Hi all
    We have been to Lucky Bay 3 times towing an off-road pop-top camper, the first time (which was a trial) we got bogged in the soft sand and were in the middle of letting out more air from the camper when a knight in shining armour appeared from nowhere, immediately drove his Landcruiser to the front of us, hitched up our Challenger and pulled that and camper out in one easy move….what a legend, we were so grateful. That was lesson number one, keep to hard areas of track if you are towing. Lesson number two, beware of the wind, this can be so strong (it tore up the toilet tent!), if you have a camper, don’t extend the window awnings! The 2nd time we went for 5 days (we worked out thats how long our water would last) was perfect, the third time was difficult as we discovered the flooded areas (wish I had read this blog before) and had to find alternate ways around, following what we thought were tracks other people had made only to find us in a dead-end and in trying to reverse the camper the bushes ripped the stoneguarding cloth on the front of the camper and scratches everywhere. Once we tackled all that and camped in our usual place, it was all good. We did a good scout around in the next couple of days for the best track out and marked bushes on the track for where we were to turn, worked well. As for the fishing well, not had too much to brag about unfortunately, I think we have just been unLucky!! When the weather/wind is good, the place is like no other, relaxing and exhilarating and you can be as private as you want. The nomad that lives up there with his two dogs is an interesting character and he has a wide range of unusual outfits! We hope people can enjoy this area for a long time, keep it clean (you wouldnt even know that we had been there when we pack up) and take your rubbish with you. Last time (end August) the bins were near the main road again, but I expect this was because of the flooded areas.

  77. Hi Carmen,

    Dogs are not permitted on the farmstead at Wagoe, but you are allowed to have them at Lucky Bay, as far as I am aware.

    Have an awesome trip

  78. Can any one tell me if you can take dogs to wagoe am goin in about 10 days

  79. I haven’t been up there for a while mate – getting withdrawal symptoms!


  80. no worries aaron, seems as if ur missing out though, sounds like you havent been up there in a while. take care buddy!

  81. Thanks for the update Matt,

    I have seen some nice tailor photos from up that way – I will have to organize a trip up there.

    Have a good one

  82. tracks are reasonably clear as of 2 weeks ago, also had a mate go up a week ago and they were in even better nick apparently… by the way aaron, when we went up there 2 weeks ago as we were coming down the coast, fished for all of 3 hours, picked out a 86 cm tailor and a 54cm dart, bloke about 100 meters up had two way bigger dart and a tailor around the same size… going back to the tracks, they were reasonably clear, some paths had massive puddles that looked very deep but looked as if a grater had gone through and flattened some more of the bushes. so made it very easy to get in and out, also the bins have moved positions again guys, they are now closer to the shacks again rather then being right out near the main road in as they were the previous time i travelled up that way.

    as always take care guys 🙂

  83. Hi Kurt,

    Are you referring to the puddles on the way in on the main track? I would imagine if there would be alternative pathways around the deep puddles. From memory there were only a few spots where the water would build up anyway. I’d check the depth of every puddle and if it is too deep just go around it. You could look on Nearmap and try to find an alternative way in. What vehicle have you got, and are you towing anything?


  84. Kurt Wiegele says:

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of the condition for the track in at the moment? I have heard the water can get pretty deep at times. I plan on heading there in a couple of days.



  85. Thanks again Frank,

    Some interesting history there – I will have to look into it. I would love to get up to Lucky Bay, Wagoe and Kalbarri again soon but we will see how time (and money!) permits!

    Take it easy

  86. gday Aaron, a great place to camp is at the well dug by gregory in 1837 or so when he was forced to walk back to perth after being shipwrecked at blue holes. you wont get sand blasted and it is quiet too. another interesting thing is that after a big blow sometimes the remains of the first steam tractor in australia are uncovered. it was being driven to the geraldine lead mine and abandoned after getting bogged. this was in the 1860,s. the other tractor fell of the ship in rough weather at the port gregory reef entrance and is still on the sea bed.
    lots of history mate and a fantastic place. we need people to visit and enjoy the area and respect it. Kalbarri is a great place to live and is a bit of a hidden secret really.
    keep up the good work mate

  87. Hi Frank,

    I appreciate your comments. I am surprised that those on jet skis are allowed in the bay. I know when I was snorkeling up there I had issues with the kite surfers getting very close, but I would imagine jet skis would be worse! You are lucky living in Kalbarri – lots to do up there

    Thanks for visiting

  88. Gday Aaron. good site mate. very imformative. as a kalbarri local i have been going to lucky bay for many years. also take sand boarders there on occasion. one thing that annoys the hell out of me are the mongrels on jetskis cutting sick in the bay where people are snorkelling. there are many fish there,also sea horses , nudibranch and nice coral. if we want to keep lucky bay for the future then people must respect the place. Fisheries were there last week,also sea rescue from gero. news will get back to the fun police and the place will close. please please enjoy the place,drive safe and carefully and dont spoil it for others.
    there is a much quicker way to the bay than through the shacks but its a secret.
    cheers mate, frank

  89. Hi Matt,

    There are some odd animals around. I remember finding a sheep on the beach miles away from the nearest town or farm.

    Thanks for your comments. My blog is slowly getting bigger, but it is limited by a small budget at the moment!


  90. pleasure mate, also forgot to mention along with all the other stuff. be careful to watch out for wild animals (apart from the usual suspects) we have seen a few weird ones such as a massive wild pig carcuss laying just north of the lagoon.

    love your blog by the way, sums up a lot of great areas of WA 🙂

  91. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your contributions! I must say I haven’t seen many Kangaroo’s up that way, but then I tend to avoid driving at night if possible! I know the sand is very soft up there too – I have struggled through the dunes in many places. I am glad that you have had a lot of fun up there – I have too. I will modify my post about the rubbish tip, as I forgot about this.

    Have a good one

  92. hi mate, been to lucky about 6 times now since 2004, manny magnificent moments there with family, have been lucky enough to have quads in the family, since then and have actually destroyed two of them in the sand dunes haha. if you dont mind me putting in my two bobs worth aaron, we actually stopped in for a couple days about july last year, driving from newman to lucky in one day, one thing i must say is travelling into lucky bay during the middle of the night is not advised, we left carnarvon at 7.30 pm and arrived on the beach where we set up camp at 2am the following morning. in this stretch we must have seen atleast 600 kangaroos and would not have done this treck without having an experienced driver(my dad) at the wheel while i was on spotting duties for the night. on this particular trip the tracks between the shacks and lucky were dry but the dew on from the cold air made the sand extremely boggy. towing a trailer with tyres that did not follow the tracks of the car as they stuck out wider did not help at all although the trailer was empty.

    on another note, the bay can actually also be reached by some tracks as soon as the tracks take a 90 degree left hand bend of the red gravel onto a more grey coloured material. this takes you through the back of the dunes and is advisable when the area has been subject to flooding in recent times. this is probably the way we should have come in last time we came up for a weeks stay, as my ute now has a dented guard plate under the motor. the water was actually so deep that it was flowing over the bonnet and about half way up the windscreen.

    the trip before this we towed my brothers 15 foot aluminum boat up to fish the back of the reef, it was agreed soon after we would not take a boat up again as we nearly lost a car to the rising tide even inside the bay as the sand was so soft trying to get the boat back on trailer the day we left.

    it is a very dangerous place, that should be respected for the natural wonders of nature. the drop offs in the sand dunes could potentially kill and the reef is extremely dangerous when the tide rises (have actually walked 3/4 of the way to the break in the reef from the north side). new travellers should remember there is a small rubbish tip on the road in past the shacks because if we dont look after places like this, soon they will not be available for us to use.

    longest post ever but in finishing, 5 of the biggest tailor i’ve ever seen have been caught here, two fish of 85+ cm were caught during the day on one trip, two fish of 75+cm were caught at night on another and during another, another group of campers had the skeleton of a tailor stretching one side of the bullbar of a subaru outback.

    if you could be bothered to read it all, cheers and i hope you thoroughly enjoy this wonderful little world as much as i always have!

  93. Hey Peta,

    It will be busy, but there is plenty of room to spread out. You don’t have to camp right near the main reef, just try to find a flat spot behind the first dune. I would recommend taking a toilet tent if you can – there isn’t much room to hide!

    Have a look at this –,137.040039&sspn=0.231912,0.445976&g=lucky+bay&ie=UTF8&hq=lucky+bay&hnear=Kalbarri+Western+Australia&ll=-28.017325,114.165072&spn=0.029816,0.055747&t=h&z=15 – this is Lucky Bay, and you can follow the road in from there. Make sure you have it on Satellite view, or look at it on

    The road is just south, and you can clearly see it come off the main highway, as long as you are on the lookout in the area.


  94. Hey aaron, heading to lucky bay up the normal road, you said the track is on the left? is there anything that actually makes it stand out from any other track? (just makin sure we dont get lost!) also does it get pretty packed there easter were heading down thursday? thanks very much!

  95. Hi Frank,

    Honestly, I don’t know that you would be able to get in far enough to camp at Lucky Bay. The vehicle you are taking is considerably wider than a four wheel drive, and you could scratch the paintwork up as the track isn’t overly wide. Also, you would find it very easily to get bogged as they are heavy and the track isn’t exactly flat either. I would probably be giving it a miss – you would be better off going into Wagoe or Kalbarri. I have seen caravans go in there, but they are towed by a vehicle that can easily get out of trouble. I don’t remember the track in very well, so it might pay to have a look but be prepared to go on to Kalbarri if required. Let me know how you go.




  96. We will be driving up to Lucky bay with a Britz Renegade, I know I won’t be able to get to the beach, but is the shack area ok for the big motorhome or where will you suggest to park the motorhome in Lucky bay?

  97. Hi Ryan,

    Road tyres are fine for beach driving. Just remember to lower your tyres down enough; 15 to 18 PSI is probably where you want them. There is a massive variety of camping spots, but the closest you camp to the track the further you are away from the beach. I would head slightly south of the bay and find a protected camp area behind the first dune.

    Have fun

  98. hi aaron, were heading up to lucky bay for easter, we have a nissan patrol but it only has road tyres on it, weve done the wedge beach run fine? is there good camp spots at the start of the track? (coming from perth) cheers mate

  99. Thanks, and have a great trip


  100. Thanks Aaron, you have been a great help. We will definately be going so I will let you know how it goes after easter. Keep up the informative site, it has been very helpful.

  101. Hi Katie,

    The area at Lucky Bay is huge – it is just dunes that extend back for miles. We were up there last year for Easter, and it was a little busy, but still plenty of room for more. As with anything, the earlier you get there the better spot you will get. A lot of people get sucked into camping right by the bay, but this might not be what you want to do. There is a great camping site off the first beach entrance north of the bay, and plenty of spots further south of the point that are protected (but still with beach views!).

    There is also a huge amount of room further back from the beach – near where the easy 2wd tracks are, but I prefer to be nearer the beach!

    We arrived on the Friday Morning and still got a reasonable campsite, behind the first dune just near the bay. I haven’t been up there lately (unfortunately!) but I would imagine nothing much has changed. I would advise to camp behind a dune though, as it can be very windy and we watched people camped right on the beach get hammered all day by it. Just drop your tyre pressures down enough (it can be very soft up there) and you will have a great time!

    Let me know how it goes

  102. Hi Aaron, We are thinking of going to Lucky Bay this Easter. I am just wondering if you have been up there lately and if there is anything else we need to know about going there at this time of the year. I imagine it will be busy but is it quiet a big area? Would we have a good chance of getting somewhere to set up our camper trailer?
    Regards, Katie

  103. Thanks a lot Tys and Dee. You will have a great time up there!


  104. Tys and Dee says:

    Hi Aaron!!

    Just wanted to thank you for great informative site! We are heading to Lucky Bay this weekend and your site has provided a lot of info for us to ensure we are well prepared..So a BIG THANK YOU!! and keep up the great blogs 🙂

  105. Hi Aldo,

    I don’t know what the conditions will be like; it changes too often. However, in a Landcruiser you shouldn’t have any issues if you drop your tyres down correctly. Are you towing anything? You will have a lot of fun there. Some of the better camp sites are a few hundred metres south of the main reef, around the point. You will find a few that are just behind the first little dune – protected, but close to the beach. Don’t be afraid to explore the reefs further south too – they are great as well.

    Have a great trip.

  106. We are off to Kalbarri after new year and would like to visit lucky bay. What is the condtion like at that time of year. We have 1989 toyota landcruiser which i think would do great on the sand.

  107. Hi Rob,

    You won’t have any issues out there, assuming you let your tyres down enough. I have been to Lucky Bay when it has been incredibly soft and didn’t have any problems at all. I was with a GQ patrol which is very similar to the 80 series. Your car is a very capable four wheel drive, and won’t find beach work too difficult! Have a read of my Beach Driving post, and perhaps the Tire Deflators one too, as this will teach you a bit about sand driving. If you let your tyres down to 15 I highly doubt you would have any issues at all.

    Have a great trip

  108. Hi there, have just bought an 80 series and am keen to give lucky bay a go although don’t have much 4wd experience. Does anyone know what the track is like at the moment ?

  109. That’s awesome mate. Don’t be afraid to give the reefs a shot that are quite a bit further south than the main one. A lot of people just fish the main one, and as a result there are less fish available. You will have a lot of fun!


  110. Gday great info very detailed. around the new year i was fortunate enough to get up to half way beach lucky bay stayed at th shacks with th mrs just a great place. unfortunately we went up in a hyundau excel (haha i know) but it made it to the shack area as the track isnt too feral but from there it was a walk to the beach (borrowed car) keep up the great work and i will leave another post in a couple weeks as im taking up a 4×4 this time and a heap of rods!!!!! great work!

  111. That’s awesome mate. Good to hear that you had a ball! The sand can get very soft towards lucky bay, especially after a lot of wind. Both Wagoe and Lucky Bay are amazing places to spend a few days though. How many times did you get bitten off though? There are plenty of big sharks up there too. We weren’t as lucky as you, but we did get a good feed of some smaller mulloway.


  112. Hi Aaron,
    Had a fantastic time at Wagoe with my son. 3 spanish mackerel, 20kgs each almost. Got bogged a couple of times but easy to push out. I was advised not to try for Lucky Bay as the sand was quite soft in parts so just cruised the Wagoe beach.

  113. Hi,

    It all comes down to your experience on the beach and in the dunes, along with the car’s ability. I have had no experience with the forrester’s, but I know they lack a bit of clearance. I saw a WRX near the beach at Lucky Bay last time I was there, but its all about picking the right tracks and having someone there to pull you out if you need. Consider how many people are going to be up there with you, there experience, where you want to camp etc. You would get a two wheel drive into the edge of the dunes, where a number of people camp. I’d say you would be fine as long as you let your tyres down (at least 15PSI, if not 10) and you have someone there as a backup.

    Make sure you have a snatch strap, a good shovel and a good tyre gauge/compressor. Some parts of the dunes and beach are incredibly soft (depending on the weather) and even the fully decked out four wheel drives struggle there. As for staying at Wagoe, its about a 30 minute slog down the beach to Lucky Bay, which can be very soft sand at times. When you are pushing a car hard on the beach you will find your fuel will drop quickly; you would need extra fuel.

    They are both awesome locations though. Let me know how you go 🙂


  114. Great info. Thanks for the blog.

    I have a subaru forrester, do you think I can get to Lucky Bay?

    Alternatively if I stay at Wagoe can I drive down the beach from Wagoe to Lucky Bay and if so how far is it?

  115. Thanks for the visit

  116. says:

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  117. That sounds great! I’ve only been as far north as Broome as of now, but will be certainly exploring more of what this great country has to offer in the future. You would be suprised at how the newer hiluxes look and perform with a few modifications on them! Its great to see you are able to get out and enjoy yourself. Have a safe and fun trip!


  118. Hi Aaron, the hilux looks great, have the same likes in these vechiles. Sold my previous 2 hilux petrol 4 x 4 have a 2005 Old model tdiesal 3.0 l. hate the new model design. last year my wife and self did a 12000 k perth 2 Darwin, alice springs back via the gt. central. to Kal.
    this year may want to go to the Pilbara but wife is scared after the last trip and until we have 2 vechiles for the trip i will have to wait and see.

    love the work you have done on your website. good on yuh.