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Middle Lagoon on Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is the huge chunk of land north of Broome. It’s home to some of the most amazing beaches you will ever see, with plenty of places to stay. Middle Lagoon is one of the more highly recommended destinations, and for good reason! The water is warm and blue, the beaches are white and clean, and the coastline is pristine, remote and beautiful.

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a few nights, Middle Lagoon is somewhere I’d highly recommend.

If you are looking for places to stay in the Kimberley, along with where to get fuel, what to see, tours that are worth doing, park passes required and more, check out this – The ultimate guide to travelling the Kimberley.

Middle Lagoon

Paradise; no other description is needed

Sunsets at Middle Lagoon

Stunning sunsets, day after day

Where is Middle Lagoon?

Middle Lagoon is located roughly 2/3 of the way up the Cape, with the exact GPS coordinates at -16.773712, 122.576161.

How long does it take to get there?

From Broome, the road conditions entirely determine the time it takes to get into Middle Lagoon. If you head there when the roads have just recently been graded, it will only take about 2 hours. Head there after the road has been hammered by a huge number of tourists and it can take a lot longer. The road into Middle Lagoon from Cape Leveque Road has a bad reputation at times too. Remember to slow down, adjust your tyre pressures accordingly and drive to the conditions!

Cape Leveque Road condition

Cape Leveque Road in May 2015

Middle Lagoon Road

On Middle Lagoon Road

Can I just stay the day?

You can call in for a look, but the moment you drive past the office gates, you need to pay $10 per vehicle. Pretty cheap really; you get to use the incredible beaches all day if you want. It’s really worth more than a look though; do yourself a favour and stay a night if possible.

Ridge camping Middle Lagoon

The view from the Ridge

How much does it cost?

Unpowered camp sites are $18 per person, per night.

Powered camp sites are $22 per person, per night (restrictions apply!)

Cabins range from $200 to $300 for 2 adults per night.

Campsite 29 Middle Lagoon

Camping near the Ridge, at number 29

Map and general information

Below is the paperwork you get when you check in.

A map of Middle Lagoon Middle Lagoon Information

What’s there?

The beauty of this place is it’s been kept pretty well in its natural state. There is no 5 star resort; its basic facilities and a pristine, beautiful environment. There are two main beaches, the camp sites, a couple of ablution blocks, the homestead and office, and that’s pretty well it! This is the attraction, and you most certainly don’t need anything more!

Get up when you want, do what you want and relax for as many days as you want. It’s the perfect place for a break, and is popular with Broome locals as well as national and international tourists.

Middle Lagoon grass

Lots of grassed areas

Middle Lagoon

The track to the Lagoon

Are the facilities and good?

We were not at all unhappy with the facilities at Middle Lagoon. They aren’t anything fancy, but they were just as good, if not better than most places we stayed at along the Kimberley. You’ve got warm showers, flushing toilets, washing machines and lines, BBQ’s, public phone and plenty of room.

Middle Lagoon ammenities

It’s well cared for

Ablution blocks Middle Lagoon

Ablution blocks easily accessible

When should you visit?

The dry season is the time to visit. This usually starts in May, and finishes around November of each year. This is when the weather is warm, sunny and it doesn’t rain!

Dry season in the Kimberley

The dry season weather is amazing

Does it get busy?

I’m told in peak season (June/July/August) Middle Lagoon gets quite busy; its a very popular location for anyone looking for a break. In early May, there were only a couple of other vehicles spread out; everyone was well away from each other.

We had the side beach to ourselves for a couple of days, and really appreciated the tranquillity.

Middle Lagoon snorkelling

With warm, blue water like this you can bet it does!

What can you buy at the shop?

If you need to get some bait (we totally forgot to get some from Broome), you can get small or large packets of squid from the office. We grabbed a couple of small packets, and used half of one in the two days we were staying at Middle Lagoon.

Beach shacks

If you aren’t up to camping, you can hire their cabins, or beach shacks. These are nothing fancy; think timber structures with shadecloth walls, but they are a step up from camping!

Where’s the best place to camp?

Realistically, you could probably camp anywhere and you’d love it. I’ve uploaded a map here though, so you can see where the camp sites are located. The private ones are overlooking the lagoon itself, and are neatly hidden away.

We stayed at campsite 29, which has a couple of nice trees, grass and plenty of protection. A lot of people recommend the ridge, which has amazing views over a beach just meters below you. This certainly looks nice, but you are closer to others and you don’t have quite as much protection. If you are in a caravan or camper trailer this may mean less to you than if you are in a tent!

Wildlife at Middle lagoon

Share your camp sites with amazing wildlife

Boating and fishing

The map that you are given upon arriving to Middle Lagoon has a couple of places that are recommended for fishing. We gave flat rocks a go, but gave up as the rocks are pretty hard to cast off, and the chance of losing fishing gear was almost guaranteed.

Middle Lagoon Fishing

We didn’t do very well, but were happy enough just enjoying the place!

Middle Lagoon fishing

There are fish around though, and these were big!

Are there any crocodiles or stingers?

We were told not to worry about crocodiles or stingers at the two beaches, and we didn’t. However, no doubt crocodiles would probably be seen once a decade or so, like most of the coast, so bear it in mind!

Soldier crabs at Middle Lagoon

Nope, but there are plenty of these!

Camp fires

Camp fires are permitted at Middle Lagoon, and you can grab firewood off the track going in. Please don’t take timber from the property itself.

Camp fires at Middle Lagoon

You are free to have fires. We didn’t; its warm enough!

How does it compare to Kooljaman?

I’ve got a full post coming out reviewing Middle Lagoon vs Kooljaman, but both are amazing. The whole Cape itself is stunning, and so long as you like the beach and relaxing in nature, you are going to love it! I will say though, that Middle Lagoon is much less ‘touristy’ than Kooljaman, and that is very attractive to some people.

Kooljaman camping

Kooljaman was amazing too! Middle Lagoon is much less touristy though


If you haven’t been to Middle Lagoon, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a magic area, and one we will most certainly visit again!

Have you been to Middle Lagoon? What did you think of it?

Middle Lagoon Dolphins

Lots of Dolphins at Middle Lagoon

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  • Let me be Free July 30, 2015, 8:10 PM

    Those fish are amazing! Hopefully we will get back up that way soon

  • Aaron at 4WDing Australia July 31, 2015, 4:54 PM

    It’s an incredible part of WA, that’s for sure. 100% recommended!


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