Dmax Differential leak; more warranty work

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we purchased an ex demo Isuzu Dmax with 32 kilometres on the clock, and have been using it ever since. It’s now done about 75,000km, and we’ve been documenting every problem that has occurred with it, in the hope that it would help others make educated decisions. 

We are quite happy with the Dmax so far, but its not been problem free.

At around 50,000km I noticed that the rear differential on our 2016 Isuzu Dmax had a bit of a weep around the pinion seal. It was tiny, and I could only see it on the housing itself with no drips, so just kept an eye on it.

Pinion seal leak
Stains from the oil leak in the past

At 60,000km, the stain had moved about 100mm along the outside of the differential, all around it and I thought I’d better get it looked at. I let our local Isuzu dealer know about it, along with the Dmax body mounts that were starting to collapse, so they’d have the spares available to do the repair.

Body mounts replaced
The body mounts replaced on our Dmax

When it went in for its service, Isuzu head office approved the pinion seal extremely quickly, and it was swapped over without any hassles.

I was actually a bit surprised, as we run an ARB GVM upgrade, which means aftermarket suspension, and they can be picky when it comes to non OEM parts installed on your vehicle. Want to know more? Can aftermarket accessories void your warranty?

In the past I had issues with a transfer case leak, and they were quick to say that the new springs were the cause. We went through a number of seals, and ended up with a tail shaft spacer and a seal fitted in a better location (in the technicians words the seal had been installed too far in) and we’ve had no issues since.

A leaking transfer case
An annoying transfer case oil seal leak
Dmax transfer case
The transfer case seal runs just in here

Touch wood, neither have been added to our Isuzu Dmax issues list since, but it is now part of a regular check when I stick my head underneath, and I do always wonder when the next oil leak will appear!

Have you had any oil leaks from your Dmax? How did you go getting them resolved?

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  1. Hey Sam,

    Yep, that’s very common. I actually did it myself and wondered how oil would spray out! Something to keep an eye on from now on!

    All the best

  2. I had an oil leak… only to discover that I didn’t push the dip stick in all the way! Good read mate, thank you for posting!

  3. Hey Darryl,

    Yep, you aren’t wrong. It’s still been very reliable compared to a lot of new car stories that I’ve heard, but it could be better too

    All the best

  4. Quite a few issues now for a pretty young car. Do you still think Isuzu makes a reliable vehicle?