Isuzu Dmax aircon failure (full dash removal!)

Every single 4WD out there has its list of shortcomings, and whether the owner wants to admit it or not, you’ll always be able to find a number of things that should have been done better by the manufacturer.

For the Isuzu Dmax prior to the new shape in 2020, the aircon has a nasty habit of failing, and in a relatively big way.

When we purchased our Dmax, I knew some of the shortcomings, but not the aircon issue, and to be completely honest, ever since finding out about it I’ve been waiting for the day that our Dmax aircon would stop working. You can see our complete Isuzu Dmax Review here.

Dmax aircon
I’d been waiting for our aircon to fail

That day happened not so long ago, after a day out with the family. We hopped back in the car and could tell pretty quickly that the aircon wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. I booked it in for a service a day later, and mentioned the aircon, and that it was likely in need of some major attention.

We’ve had our Dmax for about 5 years now, and have done a comprehensive post of all of the Isuzu Dmax Problems, along with a post covering the entire Dmax Build, one that covers the Dmax weights, and another one that covers the Dmax build cost.

The Isuzu Dmax aircon problems, and the cracked inner guards are the two most well known, major issues with this model of vehicle.

EDIT – Our aircon has stopped working again now, for the third time. The first was the evaporator, with the second being the cracked inner guards breaking a solid aircon line, and the third is undiagnosed just yet, but I suspect its the Evaporator again, and will update when we know more. 

What fails on the Dmax aircon?

Put simply, there’s an aircon pipe that runs from the engine bay through the dash and to the evaporator, which vibrates and eventually results in the Isuzu Dmax evaporator cracking, and then the 134A gas required for the aircon cooling leaks out, and your aircon stops being able to produce cold air.

Aircon pipe to the dash
The aircon pipe that goes through the dash causes the evaporator to crack and leak the R134A gas out

This stems from insufficient support, and there are now companies selling brackets that you can install to provide additional support. I’ve also seen a number of people installing P clamps against the firewall to prevent it from moving.

Apparently the new Dmax and BT50’s actually come with a clamp from the factory (2021 models and beyond). I was also told that if you fit an aftermarket unit you’ll likely have no further issues, as they are a different design.

This is a common problem, and I’ve seen a number of people go through 3 or 4 evaporators, with hundreds of posts about it on the Isuzu Facebook groups.

If I had to guess, I’d say Isuzu would have replaced more than a thousand of these in Australia by now, if not more.

What does it a new evaporator cost?

To get the evaporator replaced, you are looking at anywhere from $1000 – $2300 including labour, depending on where it gets done, and how much you get ripped off.

Isuzu in Bibra Lake quoted $1420 to do the job, including 6 hours of labour, parts and GST.

Does Isuzu warranty cover the work?

If your vehicle is under warranty, you’ll get these jobs covered, which is a good thing as its not cheap.

I’ve read a number of people complaining about the dashboards being damaged while the work is being done, which isn’t great, and can create another talking point to your local Isuzu Dealer.

How long is the repair?

Our Isuzu dealer quoted 6 – 7 hours to do the job, as you have to remove the dashboard to get access. Lovely. 

Isuzu dealer or independent mechanic?

For general servicing and fault finding, you’ll probably find most people will recommend an independent mechanic over a dealer.

However, we’ve had pretty good service from our Isuzu dealership, and given that they’ve done this very job a number of times, I figured it would be better to get them to do it than an independent mechanic, who may have never done this job before.

That said, I did rear a number of people have done it themselves, or had auto electricians do the job as well. It’s not so much difficult as it is time consuming and fiddly.

Either way, it’s probably a good idea to find someone who’s done this exact job at least once before!

Evaporator pipe going to the firewall
Take it somewhere that has done a few of these before

What if its out of warranty?

Our Dmax is a 2016, and the aircon stopped working in 2022, which means its out of the warranty period. In actual fact, the warranty expired on 06/03/22, and the aircon broke about 60 days later

When I booked it in, I made a point of asking if it would be covered by warranty, and was met with no reply. 

In my opinion, an aircon should last longer than 6 years, and given its a common design flaw by Isuzu, I was prepared to push hard for it.

Consumer law states that anything you buy should do what a ‘reasonable person would expect it to do’. I don’t think its reasonable to expect your aircon to break so early on in a new vehicle.

Dmax at Francois Peron
Our Dmax was out of warranty and I was expecting a big fight

Was it covered by warranty?

I’ve had a pretty good relationship with Bibra Lake Isuzu. They’ve done a good job maintaining the vehicle, are generally very helpful and have only had a couple of minor issues (the cleaner knocked our vehicle into 4WD and I didn’t realise, and they messed up a hire car on one occasion).

Overall I’m very happy with them, and wouldn’t keep taking my vehicle to them if I wasn’t.

They lodged the warranty claim, and on the day the vehicle was finished I received a call saying that Isuzu had knocked the warranty back.

I made a point of asking how many evaporators that Bibra Lake Isuzu had replaced over the years, and if they’d ever done any out of warranty. I was told a lot, and none out of warranty.

I rang Isuzu the next morning, expecting to have a big fight about consumer guarantee, and how I was prepared to take it all the way to the ACCC if needed.

Surprisingly, the lady on the other end explained that the dealer has the ability to lodge an after sales adjustment, where they cover the failure in good faith, and that she couldn’t see anything had been lodged.

She explained that she would request it, and I’d be contacted again. A couple of hours later I was told the paperwork was done, and I’d have a decision in 24 hours.

Now, I was prepared to take this all the way as needed, and the outcome would be shared on this very blog regardless, which would not reflect well on Isuzu.

As far as I’m concerned its a known, major fault and even if it was well out of warranty a normal person would expect it to last longer, and as such they should fix it regardless.

The short of it, is I got a call back that same day from head office saying its gone through as 100% covered, and I’d receive confirmation shortly. 

The vehicle was picked up with a new evaporator installed, our aircon works and Isuzu covered the replacement (as they should have).

Evaporator pipe
Fortunately the Dmax was still covered

Preventing the aircon failure

If you have a Dmax or MUX and are worried about your evaporator cracking for the first time, or again, there’s a few things you can do to prevent issues.

The first thing that you should know is if you don’t use your vehicle off road extensively the chances of failure are hugely reduced. 

From there, the new evaporators fitted (when they fail) are apparently a different design and your chances of it failing are also reduced (apparently).

However, if you want to do something more substantial, you can fit a P clamp to the firewall to reduce the movement.

You can buy kits to do this, or just use a P clamp, but it needs to be done in a way that does not move the pipe at all. If you lean on it, or knock it, or push it the wrong way you can break the evaporator without doing anything further.

I would suggest you take a look at a new model Dmax or BT50 (or some of the Colorado’s) to see how its done on them. We might go down this path; I haven’t decided just yet!

Have you had issues with your Isuzu Dmax or MUX air conditioner evaporator? When did it fail, and was it covered by warranty?

Aircon working again
We have working aircon again!

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  1. Hey Joanna,

    Sorry to hear it didn’t get put through, but if the vehicle has done 291k and this is the first aircon failure its probably justifiable.

    Yes, its a known fault, but that’s a lot of kilometres. Get it fixed, install a brace and you should be fine for another 300k!

    All the best

  2. Hi Aaron
    our 2017 dmax had the same issue. Started about 2 months after the warranty ran out the AC stopped working. We took it to our mechanic who said it was the evaporator. Unfortunatly at the time we only had 1 vehicle on the road and so could not afford to take it off the road as most were telling me they would need the car for a few days. We were able to finally get it seen after waiting for 2 months for an appointment to have it confirmed that it is a manufacturing fault. 1 month later IUA decide to decline the claim due to the km. (291k). I called IUA and they told me i have to email them (should have known that i was about to get the runaround) I emailed them they still insist that they will not honour this despite my talking about how the KM’s make no difference etc. Today after much back and forth emails from Daniel (no last name) and after me contacting them again and demanding a manger call me, Madison called me and she said that as the car is out of warranty and because if the km’s they will not be offering to repair the AC, that the Regional person in charge of that area has already made his decision. She also advised me that the issue is not a known fault as it is not listed as one by Isuzu. All this despite me telling her there is 100’s of websites and my own asking around with dealers. She seems to be of the belief that it is not a manufacturing fault! So annoying! I have lodged a complaint with Fair Trading and about to with the ACCC as well.

  3. Hey Dan,

    If you have a local Isuzu dealer, that’s the place to start. They’ll either push for you, or if they don’t, you can push on your own through Isuzu

    All the best

  4. Dan Mizza says:

    Hi Aaron,

    my names Dan n I’m writing from NZ.
    I have a 2017 Dmax with 74000kms on the clock.
    the A/C just stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I took it to the local auto electrician yesterday to get it looked at.
    yes it seams to be the same problem and they quoted me $2000 to fix it.

    after reading your post I’m going to be contacting Isuzu on Monday to see what can be done about I.

    thanks for the info in this post and I’ll let u know if they come to the party

    cheers mate

  5. Hey Heath,

    That’s still a win, I guess!

    All the best to you too!

  6. Heath Schofield says:

    Thanks Aaron,
    In an update, arrived at John Patrick Isuzu in Port Macquarie and dropped the Ute off. Also called Isuzu Australia and spoke to a bloke called Daniel who informed me that the evaporator issue was done under warranty on a “case by case basis” and that he couldn’t promise me that it would be taken care of under warranty in this case.
    I gave him all the details that I read in your article regarding how common this issue has been in 2013-2020 D-Max’s and M-UX’s and that mine was only six years old etc.
    Short story long, the receptionist from the service side of Isuzu came out and said that they were putting in a work order to have it done under warranty (good news) however this probably won’t take place until the new year (bad news) so while they are taking care of it under warranty I’m going to be driving the kids around all Christmas in a car with no air conditioning.

    Thanks for your informative articles Aaron! I definitely learn a lot from them.
    Enjoy your Christmas and new year mate.


  7. Hey Heath,

    Hopefully someone can get it done fairly quickly. We just went through Kempsey!

    Isuzu should still cover it under warranty, if you point out its a very common problem. I bet a lot of aircon workshops have done dozens of these.

    All the best!

  8. Heath Schofield says:

    Just finished at NatRad where the bloke was looking at my a/c. He said it’s the evaporator and I’d need to take it to John Patrick Isuzu in Port Macquarie (I’m in Kempsey) because he’s never had to replace one before but knows the whole dash has to come out.
    Short story long, JPAG in Port Mac say it will cost me a MINIMUM of $1500 however won’t know until they do their own diagnosis tomorrow (13 Dec 23) I’ll give an update after I’ve seen them tomorrow.
    What an expensive Christmas this will turn out to be… oh and I’m in a 2017 D-Max

  9. Hey Josh,

    Sorry to hear mate. It’s always worth checking for leaks before you re-gas.

    Hopefully you can find a better price. I think mine was about 1800.

    All the best mate

  10. I have a 2012 DMAX
    aircon was working fine & got back into car & nothing but hot air.
    had a regas 30 mins later once again hot air.
    I’ve been quoted $2400 not a happy chap considering I’ve just stopped working to care for sick partner who needs the aircon as her condition doesn’t allow her body to regulate body temperature properly.
    now just finding a way to come up with the money

  11. Hi Grahame,

    Yep, it’s very common. Every vehicle has its issues, and this is one of the Dmax and MUX ones.

    Isuzu might warrant it, but no guarantees. Start the process with your dealer and explain you know its common, and go from there.

    All the best

  12. Grahame Johnson says:

    I was told by my mechanic that the Dmax was one of the most reliable 4×4 on the maket. I purchased a 2017 Dmax with 119,000 Klm on the clock being second hand and in good condition what could go wrong? Well you get 12 months warranty from the dealer by law, 13 months after my purchase the aircon stoped working! I tolk it to a car aircon regas business and they said it’s a common problem with these vehicles and may be expensive. Do you think that I have a chance of Isuzu comming to the party and fixing it out of warranty?

  13. Hi Karl,

    If its 2021, it should be the new model, and the previous issues should not apply. Is it the old shape, or new shape?

    Regardless, any item you purchase in Australia (are we talking about Australia?!) needs to comply with consumer law, and must do what a reasonable person would expect it to do.

    Any reasonable person would expect an air conditioner to last longer than 2 years, and where its serviced is not a way to weasel out of a warranty claim. As long as it has been serviced by an authorised mechanic, you should have no issues.

    I would either take it to a different dealer, or speak to Isuzu Ute Australia (or the head office locally).

    All the best mate

  14. Karl Francis says:

    Hey Aaron
    I purchase a Dmax little over 2 years ago It is said by the dealer to be a 2021 vehicle. Just about 3 weeks ago the Aircon stopped cooling.I took it back to the local dealer in Jamaica and was told that even though I am within the warranty period the airconditioner evaporator,could be replace but at my expense, because they are not finding records of the vehicle returned for servicing from the time it was purchased, which is not true, my last service there cost over $ 50,000. Can you please give me some advice because this is a new vehicle not a used one.I don’t abuse vehicles I tried to take the very best care of them.This is a hot,hot country I am burning

  15. Hey David,

    Sorry to hear mate. It’s super common. Dare I say it’s a rookie mistake to re-gas the system without checking for leaks. Normally they’d put dye through to see where the gas has gone; it doesn’t just disappear into thin air.

    Be civil and firm with the dealer, and if you have no luck just speak to Isuzu Ute Australia. They’ve been very good to us

    All the best mate

  16. I’m faced with the same issue on my 2018 D-Max.
    the AC failed a few months after the warranty. I will have to check the dealer but I’m not holding my breath as jamaica offers very poor customer service.
    I’m happy you did this article as I now have a better understanding of what went would as the AC tech re-gassed the system and that was not the issue.

  17. Hey David,

    Sorry to hear mate. We need to look at a bracket to support the evaporator too, in the hopes that it gets fixed.

    If you have no luck with Isuzu Australia, it might pay to put an aftermarket evaporator in – some of them are stronger and shouldn’t re-crack

    All the best

  18. Hi Aaron, my 2017 DMax has also just failed. It’s 42’ where we are. After reading your information I also called Isuzu about warranty. No luck at the dealer. Mine is 6 years with 70k on the clock having done plenty of off road. The dealer quote was $2000inc. The local auto elec with a genuine evap is $1550. I will call Isuzu Australia and see what they say. Thanks for a very good blog

  19. Hey Matt,

    Sounds like a fairly average run from your Dmax. I’ve heard a number of people go through 3 – 4 turbo’s, and its beyond average.

    Be polite with your dealer, and mention the goodwill side of things, but if you have no joy just ring Isuzu Head Office and speak to them. They should absolutely cover it, as its not fit for purpose.

    Our Dmax is quite badly broken with a major crack in the inner guard, so we’re in a similar position, and we’ll update posts when it gets sorted

    All the best

  20. matt fryer says:

    Hey Aaron,
    Thanx for taking the time to put up your article. Interesting and informative read . I have a 2017 dimax , it’s never been off road, Its had 3 turbo replacements , 3 roof and a pilla paint jobs. All been covered by warranty , but what a hassle. Funny , I had a weird smell in my dimax about a month ago, then the smell went and the air con started blowing warm air . Its booked in with a local dealer in a weeks time and they’ve already mentined that it may not be a warranty. It’s 5 year/130k warranty runs out on the 11th month this year but it has 153 k on the clock. They’ve already told me it may cost $1850.00. I told them that it would be going to the ACCC if it wasn’t covered by warranty considering the amount of issues that I’ve had. We will see,

  21. Hey Ian,

    Good to hear you are happy with the vehicles, and that Isuzu are covering the aircon under warranty.

    Cheers and all the best

  22. Ian foley says:

    Hi, my name is ian, I bought a second hand 2018 isuzu dmax april last year (2022). I to had the same problem, air con stopped getting cold, I took it to a local auto electrician, he regassed it as it was low on gas he said. One week later when I went to use the air-conditioning, nothing but hot air. I took it back to the same local auto electrician, he had the car for the day, rang me and said air conditioner had issues. I told him not to go any further as I would get isuzu in keysbourgh to take a look, sure enough, a leak under the dash, $1500 roughly to replace, no warranty. On my behalf, keysbourgh isuzu submitted paperwork to whomever, same day, isuzu rang me and said they would cover it under warranty, that was a huge relief. It goes in on Wednesday 29.03.2023, they said they’ll need the car for 2 days. I’ve had 3 dmax’s now and 1 mux, never had issues with any of them, this is the first major problem I’ve ever had. I drive them with respect, Isuzu are the best in my eyes, I don’t do off road ever, they just tow my caravan with eze. I’m 70 y/o. Go your own way?.
    Thankyou. Ian Foley.

  23. Hey Kevin,

    Good to hear you are getting it sorted. It’s still a pain in the backside though, and 41k with no off-road work is shocking.

    All the best

  24. Kevin Rankin says:

    My 2017/bought 2018 June LSU D-Max is to go in to Trinity Autos Cairns on Friday 20-01-23 so thanks for the information and I’m expecting a warranty to be paid by Isuzu,it has been gassed my an auto electrician with dye running though it and lasted less than 24 hours.So having the dye in the gas will make it easier for Isuzu to pick up the fault,he said show them the receipt he wrote out for me and will let you know the result.No off road and 41,000 Km.

  25. Hey Nick,

    I would push hard with Isuzu, and see where you get. You really have nothing to lose, but its a known fault and frankly a design flaw. I would say its not fit for purpose, and see what they say. You can speak directly to Isuzu Australia if you have no luck with a dealer.

    When you seen how fast the guys pull a modern dash apart, its pretty interesting, and I suspect you’ll be just fine.

    Overall the Dmax’s are pretty solid, and hopefully you’ll have a great run going forward

    All the best

  26. Hey Tony,

    Good to hear it was still covered. There’s no good time to lose aircon though, and murphy’s law says it fails when you need it most!

    All the best

  27. Thanks for your write-up. My evaporator went just befor xmas. I’ve been quoted $1,400 for the fix. Pity I didn’t do a bit more research before buyung my 2016 4×2 Dmax. Bought it third-hand at 120k on the clock. Most I’ve ever paid for a car by a long shot, so I’m disappointed at this extra cost. The cost os one thing. I’m worried that the extensive dismantling will result in a reassembly that is not quite right. Even someone who has done one of these previously would risk having a couple of screws leftover at the end. There are a couple of Youtube vids that show the whole gruesome process. I’d happily pull a motor down before I’d tackle a modern dashboard. What twisted mind designs these things. I like the vehicle otherwise, so I’ll pay up I suppose. Hope it’s not a case of good money after bad!

  28. Same issue on my 2018 D-Max in December. Vehicle out of KM warranty but Isuzu approved the warranty claim.
    New evaporator being fitted today as we speak.
    It’s always when you really need it in Summer in Queensland, it’s going to fail….

  29. Hey Douglas,

    Sorry to hear mate. I haven’t actually heard anything about it crossing over to the Colorado range, but it could be possible for sure.

    I’d get an aftermarket one fitted if you can; apparently they are better than the genuine ones (or at least in the case of Isuzu)

    All the best

  30. Douglas Sharp says:

    Hi, I believe I have this problem with my 2015 Holden Colorado7. Just been quoted $2100 to repair. Not very happy. Have you heard anything about the same problem with the colorado7’s?

  31. Hey Peter,

    You’re welcome! There’s never a convenient time! All the best with a fix


  32. Thanks for the info .. the aircon on my 16 Dmax stopped working on New Year’s Day 2023 .. heading to Dealer asap thanks so much for posting this helpful advice.

  33. Hey Erin,

    Hopefully they sort it out for you with little inconvenience. It’s certainly well known, and I doubt there are any dealers who’d disagree.

    Let us know how you get on!

  34. Hey Theo

    If you jump on Facebook, and search through the Dmax and MUX pages, you’ll see a number of photos of people who’ve literally purchased a 30 cent P clamp from Bunnings and screwed it into the firewall. This would need to be done very carefully or you could induce other stresses, but I did also see a kit someone was selling that had instructions and looked a bit better.

    I’ll be honest though and say we haven’t done ours yet, even though I really should!

    All the best

  35. Erin Briggs says:

    My 2016 dmax aircon has just had the same problem. Going into Isuzu tomorrow to get it fixed. Mine is also out of warranty but I have asked if they can cover it under warranty. Like you said it’s a common problem. Didn’t take them long to figure out what the problem was which makes me think they see this a lot. Hopefully it will be covered by warranty.

  36. Theodoor Beeltje says:

    Covid stopped my plans for going off road in my MY18 D-max in ’20, which may have saved the AC I guess. retiring in 6 months and expect to start travelling soon after. However, I can’t find any specific info on an after market evaporator pipe bracket, or how to fit a P-clamp. Can you point me to something instructive in this area?

  37. Hey Ray,

    Sorry to hear mate; its frustrating and not much fun. Hopefully they sort you out with no issues.

    All the best

  38. Ray Devenish says:

    Yep, just had my aircon give up last Saturday. Still have 6 days of warranty left. Been ringing service department at Midland for two days now and can’t get through. I will keep on trying. If all else fails I rock up in person on Saturday. They have to take my call then.

  39. Hey Phil,

    Yep, more than likely it is. The dealerships put something else in to test it, rather than risk the gas leaking out.

    Hopefully you get it resolved without too many issues; make it clear that this is a known issue

    All the best

  40. Thanks for the info. My 2015 dmax has just had aircon issues pop up. I got it regassed the other day and it worked on and off for a bit and now seems to be not working. I’m thinking it may be the same problem.

  41. Hey Greg,

    I’d suggest you ring Isuzu in their head office, and have a discussion with them. They might agree to getting it looked at by a more competent auto electrician/fridgy

    All the best

  42. Hi team can some one help me with my 2021 dmax a/ C problem it’s done 20500 KLM the a,C has been faulty from the start it’s been to two Isuzu repairs under warranty one said there was to much gas in it and the other said it had low gas in it did work not bad but now blows hot air how can you help cheers team

  43. Thanks for the perspective Ray; always interesting to hear from those actually in the game!

    Sounds like you’ve got a great reputation and business going on!

    Take care

  44. Like all car brands they want their parts. They will not use aftermarket. We do the work for 2 brands in the area, wad 3 but Holden shut shop.

  45. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your comment, and interesting about using a different evaporator. I don’t suppose Isuzu are prepared to help out with the cost of these replacements, even if they are under warranty?

    I think I’ll be putting a P clamp on mine!

    All the best

  46. Nice write up. We’ve done a heap of Dmaxs along with both our personal and work vehicles. We don’t use the genuine evaporator, we use one from our main supplier that has a different construction. Support for the suction pipe is always a great piece of preventative maintenance.