Cape Leveque 4WD tag-along tour with Brian Lee

The Kimberley is an unbelievable part of the world, and earlier this year we spent 5 weeks exploring it. I sit here now, and reflect on the hundreds of amazing memories from our time in such a spectacular region. There are without a doubt though, a few experiences that really stood out. One of our highlights was the day we spent on a Brian Lee Tagalong tour at Cape Leveque.

Hunter Creek Mud crabs
Living the dream at Hunter Creek with Brian

Brian has been running these tours for several years, based out of Kooljaman, 220km north of Broome, at Cape Leveque. Kooljaman is a unique accommodation choice surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see.

It has a long and interesting history involving the department of transport and the local Aboriginals. Brian openly invites people to his country, to learn about the aboriginal heritage and enjoy the incredible land around Hunter Creek.

We had heard some amazing things about the Brian Lee Tag-along tour, and booked it in shortly after setting up camp at Kooljaman.

Who is Brian Lee?

Brian Lee is a local aboriginal who shares a strong history with Kooljaman. He’s one of the Bardi people, and has been offering tag along tours for some time. He has an amazing personality and a brilliant way of telling stories. His passion of sharing the region with anyone who is interested is second to none.

Brian Lee Kooljaman
Meet Brian Lee

He’s exactly the sort of person you’d want to take you on a local tour. Here’s a video covering a small part of Brian Lee.

YouTube video

About the tour

The tag along tour is a very informal and unstructured day which involves stories of the history of Kooljaman, mud crabbing and fishing in Hunters Creek, along with plenty of opportunities to swim, relax and enjoy a good feed of seafood. If you are looking for a structured tour where everything is formal, bland and boring, this is not it!

Brian adjusts his days and activities to make the most of the region, and you can be guaranteed to have an amazing time. The tours are called ‘half day’, but it was pretty well a full day for us!

We started off by deflating the tyres on our 4WD, and following Brian onto the beach in his old 60 Series Land Cruiser. From there, the stories rolled, and we continued on to Hunter creek.

Hunter Creek Broome
Hunter Creek at low tide
Mud crabbing at Cape Leveque
Heading out onto the creek in search of a feed

Brian spent the next few hours showing us how to catch mud crabs, explaining how Hunter Creek flows and various fishing techniques. We ended up with a number of big mud crabs and a couple of fish.

Just as the tide started to come back in, we headed up onto the bank next to our 4WD’s, to watch the water flow in. I was already impressed by the area, but watching the water flow back into Hunter Creek is truly something else.

Fishing with Brian Lee
Brian showing us how its done
How to catch mud crabs with a hook
Mud crabbing 101
Mud crabbing is awesome
Another mud crab for the fire
Brian Lee 4WD tour
Our 4WD’s at Hunter Creek

A short time later we grabbed some firewood, and drove down Hunter creek towards the ocean. I didn’t notice the colour of the creek until we had stopped, but was gobsmacked at how beautiful it was. We fished, snorkelled and spearfished for the next few hours, before Brian got the fire going and showed us how to cook the crabs up.

If you’ve never had fresh mud crab over a fire, you’ve been missing out. Unreal.

Hunter Creek day use
Set up for the afternoon
Hunter Creek water
What a place
Mud crabs fresh on the fire
A late lunch
Fresh fish on the fire
Almost ready! Muddies and fresh fish

What’s so good about it?

Brian really makes this tour. He’s got time for everyone, and the passion he shares with the region beams through. I’d never seen mud crabbing before, and eating freshly cooked crab and fish straight from the fire was an awesome experience.

However, the best part, in my opinion, was relaxing next to Hunter creek. You’ve seen the photos of green coloured water, and its like nothing else I’d ever seen. We watched the tide come back in and fill the tiny, dribbling stream into a glorious green coloured river.

Fishing at Hunter Creek
Could you ask for a better fishing spot?
Snorkeling at Hunter Creek
Snorkeling in the warm, clear water
Amazing water
The most incredible water I’ve seen

Sitting next to the creek, listening to Brian answer questions and share his past with us around a fire was a memory I’ll never forget.

You might think I’m giving Brian a glowing review, but take a look on tripadvisor and you will see that all 19 reviews left are full marks. See for yourself at Brian Lee on Tripadvisor.

What does it cost?.

The tour is $98 per adult and $40 per child. Money well spent, given how remote the area is!

How do I book?

Bookings are taken through Kooljaman, on 08 9192 4970 or

Tour requirements

You need to have a 4WD to do this tour. None of the tracks are difficult, providing you let your tyres down to 18 PSI (or lower). You are asked to bring sunscreen, hats, bathers and lots of drinking water. It’s worth taking some snacks with you as well.

4WDing with Brian Lee
Any 4WD will do; its all about tyre pressures

Are kids welcome?

Absolutely. Brian made the family with 3 kids with us extremely welcome, paid lots of attention to them and answered all their (many!) questions!

Snorkelling with Brian Lee
Let the kids snorkel with Brian Lee

Would I recommend it?

In a heartbeat. This tour is unreal, and you are guaranteed to love it. Next time you are at Cape Leveque, visit the office and book a tour in. You won’t regret it!

Have you done his tour? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hey mate,

    It’s an amazing place; absolute epic. You’ll be fine with a bog stock Prado. The road can be great, or it can be corrugated and feral. All depends on the season. Either way, let your tyres down, take it easy and you won’t have any issues. It’s not soft or difficult 4WDing


  2. Aaron,

    Fantastic articles, got me planning so much for a trip to Broome next year. What are the conditions like on the roads to Kooljaman and Middle Lagoon? Heading there in May and trying to work out if my Prado with standard clearance will be good for the drive in…

    Any advice appreciated,

  3. The colour completely blew me away too; absolutely amazing. We saw quite a few fish (and shot a few too!), along with the normal mangroves etc. You can walk in the creek when its low tide, so not a huge amount to see, but it is still very beautiful!


  4. That tour sounds like really good value, and an amazing day out. I can not believe the colour of the water at Hunter Creek! What did you see snorkeling there?

  5. beachbum62 says:

    Mate this is going on my bucket list, thank you for the blog