The Gibb River Road, part 2

Welcome to the 2nd photo post on the Gibb River road, and the 4th photo post covering our Kimberley Adventures in May – June 2015.

If you want more information about the Gibb River Road and Kimberley, including what’s worth seeing, tours that can be done, approximate costs and itineraries, where to get fuel and water and heaps more, have a read of the ultimate guide to the Kimberley.

If you missed any of the previous photo series posts, you can find them at:

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Gibb River Road Part 1

Our campsite at Mt Elizabeth
Relaxing at Mt Elizabeth
Friendly Walleroos at Mt Elizabeth
Lots of friendly Walleroo’s hopping around
Peacocks at Mt Elizabeth
A couple of peacocks too!
Wunumurra Gorge
Wunnumurra Gorge, Mt Elizabeth
Wunumurra Gorge from the beach
One of the best gorges, in our opinion
The first bit of real 4WDing
It’s even got some real 4WDing
Mt Elizabeth 4x4 tracks
I was pretty happy to put it in low range!
Warla Gorge
Hann River Gorge, another stunning place
Untitled 1
Get used to doing a lot of gravel driving!
Walking to Little Mertins
Walking down to Little Mertins at Mitchell falls for a quick afternoon swim
At the top of Big Mertins
On the other side of Big Mertins the following morning
Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley are amazing
Mitchell Falls; what a beauty!
Mitchell falls
Well worth the 2 hour walk!
Big Mertins
Crossing Big Mertins
Little Mertins at Mitchell Falls
We stopped for a quick swim at Little Mertins on the way back
Mitchell falls driving
The bush fires have gone through a lot of the Gibb already this year
A big burger at Drysdale
A giant burger from Drysdale station
Ellenbrae donkey hot water
The donkey hot water heater at Ellenbrae
Gibb River Road lookout
Stopped at the lookout just above the Pentecost River
Pentecost river crossing with a Caravan
The Pentecost River with a caravan
Amarok crossing the Pentecost River
Gavin in his Amarok
El Questro 4WD Tracks
Saddleback Ridge 4WD track at El Questro; the most scenic 4WD track we’ve ever done
Saddleback ridge El Questro
Absolutely insane views
El Questro view
The dust hangs around forever here
El Questro by 4WD
Sunset at Saddleback Ridge
Water crossing at El Questro
On the way to El Questro Gorge
To El Questro Gorge
Nothing beats a water crossing
Half way
Half way along El Questro Gorge walk
El Questro Gorge water
Crystal clear, cool water
At the end of El Questro Gorge
At the end of El Questro Gorge lies a cold, deep pool with a beautiful waterfall flowing into it
The gorge only sees the sun for a few hours a day
Climbing El Questro Gorge
A couple of more challenging sections
El Questro water crossing
Crossing the Pentecost River, again!
El Questro 4WD
Rocky, but super easy
Enjoying El Questro
El Questro has some beautiful places
El Questro 4x4
A day out in the 4WD’s exploring El Questro
4WDing around El Questro
Nothing is too difficult
Explosion Gorge El Questro
Explosion Gorge
Brancos Lookout El Questro
Branco’s lookout. See the big saltwater crocodile at the bottom of the photo?
El Questro lookouts
What a view
Rock Wallaby at El Questro
A little Rock Wallaby
The homestead El Questro
The homestead. For $2000 + per night, you can stay here!
Tiny lizard at El Questro
A tiny little lizard in the scrub
Chamberlain gorge fish
Catfish and a giant barramundi
Barramundi fish
Lots of fish coming out for a feed
Gibb River road water
A little floodway
Chamberlain Gorge
Chamberlain gorge, El Questro
El Questro Donkey
Donkeys at El Questro
Zebedee Springs El Questro
Zebedee springs; an amazing place
Pentecost river at our camp site
The Pentecost river, meters away from our camp site
Native frog
A very friendly native frog.
Moonlight gorge
Walking at Moonshine Gorge
El Questro Toyota country
El Questro work vehicles. It’s Toyota country up here!
El Questro Helicopter ride
Fancy a helicopter ride at El Questro?
Busterd bird
One of two busterd birds we saw on the Gibb River Road
Beautiful tree frog
There are plenty of green tree frogs around!
Another dragon fly
A lot more dragon flies though!
Red Winged parrot
A beautiful red winged parrot
Emma gorge
Emma Gorge
Water monitor at Emma Gorge
Another water monitor on the way out of Emma Gorge
Kimberley cane toad
A cane toad at Emma Gorge. We saw at least 15. They are a feral pest, and are taking over.
Leaving Emma Gorge
Leaving Emma Gorge

After nearly 3 weeks on the Gibb River road, it was time to keep moving to Kununurra, then onto Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles. You can see the final part of our Kimberley adventures at Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles.

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