Apple and Cinnamon Damper; the ultimate camping snack

Want an amazing damper that’s a bit different from the norm? The Apple and Cinnamon Damper is one of our favourites today, and we’ve had the luxury of trying quite a few different damper recipes over the years.

The apple and cinnamon is sweet, but not too sweet, tasty and lets call it at least somewhat ‘healthy’.

All you need is two apples, peeled and cut into small chunks, a decent sprinkle of cinnamon and a couple of table spoons of sugar, and you mix it in with the normal damper recipe. Alternatively, some people use a small strip peeler and add the apple that way. I think the chunks version tastes better though.

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Apple damper
Fresh apple and Cinnamon damper is delicious

Damper recipe

Our go to Damper recipe is 3 cups of self raising flour and around 1 cup of water (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how it mixes together). Get the consistency right and mix it as little as possible. 

Some people like to add eggs or milk into the recipe, but it isn’t necessary. Then again, neither is Marshmallow and Chocolate Damper!

You can mix it in a bowl, or get your hands dirty and do it that way. We do either, depending on how much water we have available, and whether we feel like cleaning up! The key is getting it thick enough, but not too dry, and this comes from a bit of trial and error.

Keep the damper squashed down a little, or it is hard to cook evenly, all the way through. 

When you are ready, put it in a camp oven or cake tin with some flour sprinkled on the top and bottom to stop it from sticking as it cooks.

Damper when camping
Making damper up

Cooking damper

When you have it all ready, cook it on the fire for anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes depending on the heat and you’ll have a tasty snack ready to go in no time.

We usually wrap the camp oven damper about 2/3 of the way around with aluminium foil (leaving the top open so it can expand easily), and sit it in the camp oven, but we have done it in cake tins too.

From there, put it in the camp oven and apply heat to the top, and the bottom. If you manage to burn it the first time around, you’ll learn for next time (but you can just cut the burnt bit off).

Alternatively, these can be done in a weber very easily too.

Cut the damper into slices with a bit of butter and you are onto a real winner for the adults and kids.

Eat it fresh if you can. It’s still OK for a day, but deteriorates pretty quickly the longer you leave it.

Apple damper
Dig in!

What’s your favourite damper to cook?

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