Camper trailers in Perth; where can you buy one?

If you are looking to buy a Camper Trailer in Perth, you’ve come to the right resource. Here, we list every single Camper trailer store within 50km of Perth.

There’s a lot to look for when buying a camper trailer, and if you want to guarantee you get something that suits your purpose, check out the Ultimate guide to buying a camper trailer.

Patriot Camper Trailer
Looking to buy a Camper Trailer in Perth?

One of the best ways to narrow your camper trailer choice down is to head to the Perth 4WD and Adventure show, or the Perth Caravan and Camping show. In one day you can visit all of the main manufacturers over here (and lots from the East) and ask all the questions you want, plus see them all in person.

When you get close to picking something you like, we suggest you hire a camper trailer and take it away for a weekend. There is no substitute for real life use, and you’ll quickly work out if its for you, or not.

The hire cost will pale into insignificance over the life of a camper trailer, and spending 15 – 100k on a new camper trailer is a pretty significant price to pay.

Of course, just because the camper trailer isn’t made in Perth doesn’t mean its no good; there’s a lot of companies over east that are small enough to not have offices around the country. Shop around, and get what is going to be best for your situation.

Now, onto the camper trailers in Perth:

Lifestyle Campers (Touring 360)

5 Mcelligott Court, Canning Vale 6155

Touring 360 (formally Challenge Camper Trailers) are the WA distributor for Lifestyle Hybrid Camper Trailers. They sell the Iconn, Reconn R2 and Reconn R4 models, and are pretty helpful. I’ve had some dealings with Sean over the years when we were shopping for a hybrid camper, and he’s been helpful.

Reconn R2 Camper
If you are in the market for a Lifestyle Camper, see Touring 360

PMX Camper Trailers

1/196 Bannister Road, Canning Vale 6155

PMX are one of many camper trailer and caravan importers, who bring their products in from overseas and sell them locally. They sell hard floor campers, forward fold campers, hybrid caravans and on road caravans.

Camprite Campers

2/43  Buckingham Drive Wangara 6065

Camprite are a locally made, boutique camper trailer manufacturer focusing on a limited number of quality camper trailers.

They have a very unique design (which has been copied by a number of companies who get similar units made overseas) which is extremely durable and highly recommended by many owners. 

These are commonly hired out as they are light weight, compact, will go anywhere and are considered almost bullet proof.

Camprite Camper Trailer
A Camprite Camper Trailer at a Perth show

Opus Campers (Base Camp Australia)

7 Niche Parade, Wangara, 6065

If you are looking for a camper trailer that is different to anything else on the market, the Opus might tick some boxes. Instead of having poles, it uses air beams that are pumped up to support the tent. 

Opus Camper Trailer
Opus Camper Trailers are certainly unique

Southern Cross Camper Trailers

31 Hammond Road, Cockburn Central 6164

Southern Cross Camper Trailers are another business in Perth importing hard floor, forward fold and hybrid caravans into the Australian market. 

Ultimate Campers

1/133 Kelvin Road, Maddington, 6109

If you are looking for a top of the range, Australian built camper trailer the Ultimate Campers brand has been around for many years with hundreds of happy owners.

Ultimate Camper Trailer
An Ultimate Camper Trailer way up north

West Oz Camper Trailers

2/41 Mulgul Road, Malaga 6090

West Oz Camper Trailers distribute Platinum Campers, Hard Korr Campers and Eagle Campers. 

Camper Trailers WA

Shop 7,30 Erindale Road, Balcatta 6021

If you are looking to hire, or purchase a camper trailer Camper Trailers in WA will sort you out. They sell the Eureka camper trailers (WA built!) and do all sort of repairs and accessories.

Cub Campers (Off Road Equipment)

61 McCoy Street, Myaree, 6154

Cub Campers are one of the last remaining camper trailer manufacturers in Australia. They make hard floors, forward folds and some larger trailers. They have a solid reputation, and a price that reflects this.

Camping near Denmark
A Cub Camper down in Denmark

Adventure Kings (4WD Supacentre)

50 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale, 6455 or 1944 Beach Road, Malaga, 6090

4WD Supacentre has been importing 4WD accessories for many years, and moved into the camping accessory business too. They sell anything from snatch straps through to roof top tents and have recently moved into the camper trailer business too.

The camper trailer they sell is multiple use, and can be set up in lots of different ways depending on how you want to use it. The base price is extremely cheap, but adds up when you deck it out and they are very new to this particular market.

Stoney Creek Campers

2 Boom Street, Gnangara, 6077

Stoney Creek are another imported product, with a number of on road camper trailers, off road camper trailers and off road hybrid/caravans.


1/33 Dellamarta Road, Wangara, 6065

Ezytrail are yet another imported product, with a range of camper trailers, caravans and hybrids.


18 Bellows Street, Welshpool, 6108

MDC are the largest camper trailer, hybrid and caravan importer in Australia by a long shot. Their gear is probably up there with the best in terms of imported products, and they also have another brand called AUSRV.

Full size caravan
MDC make camper trailers all the way to huge vans

Bluewater Campers/Emu Camper Trailers

1/133 Kelvin Road, Maddington, 6109

Bluewater/Emu Campers also import their products and have a range of soft floor, hard floor, forward fold and hybrid camper trailers. 

Bigfoot Campers

5 Geelong Court, Bibra Lake, 6153

Bigfoot Campers have been importing products for some time now, and sell a range of camper trailers.

Trackstar Campers

3/45 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, 6065

Trackstar Campers also import and sell a huge range of forward fold, roof top tent style campers, rear fold campers, tear drops and hybrid camper trailers. 

Eagle Campers

73 Farrall Road, Midvale, 6056

I first saw Eagle Campers at the Perth Caravan and Camping show, not far past the Camprite stand. Their product was almost identical looking, but very different up close. Eagle Campers import a big range of different style camper trailers and now hybrids and also full size caravans.

Cool Beans Campers

Fremantle. Address unknown.

Last but not least; Cool Beans Campers. These are unique, teardrop camper trailers manufactured right here in Western Australia. They are very compact, light weight and look totally different to anything else you see around the place!

If I’ve missed any other Camper Trailers in Perth, please let me know and I’ll add them below.

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