200 days on the road; what have we spent?

We’ve now been on the road travelling around Australia for 200 days, and this is our second cost to travel Australia update. If you are interested in reading about the costs of our first 100 days on the road, you can do so by following the link.

Now, you should know that this post covers the 100 days between 100 – 200 days on the road first, and then moves onto a summary of the combination at the end.

In the 100 – 200 days period, we spent the majority of time in Victoria, enjoying a state that left us speechless on a number of occasions.

Once again, you can see our full lap of Australia Itinerary that we update regularly, which has a giant map of the different places we’ve camped at all over Australia.

We’re also travelling in a 2016 Isuzu Dmax, and 2018 Reconn R2 Hybrid Caravan, with mum and Dad, and a 4 and 6 year old boy.

Camped at Paradise Valley
Our setup that we’re travelling Australia in

Statistics for days 100 – 200 travelling Australia:

Total kilometres done: 6799km

Average number of kilometres each day: 68km (476km per week)

Diesel fuel consumed: 1109L (78L per week)

Average fuel economy: 15.2L/100km, towing a 2.3 tonne hybrid camper with our decked out Isuzu Dmax. This was up from the last 100 days due to a lot of towing in hilly areas, and a heap of 4WD tracks done in the Victorian High Country

Most expensive diesel: $2.13 at Winchelsea

Cheapest diesel $1.79 per litre at Traralgon

Total fuel cost: $2322 ($163 per week)

Total number of camp sites stayed at: 54

Average length of stay: 1.85 nights per stay

Camp sites cost breakdown (of the 54 destinations): 13 were paid but low cost (under $20), 30 were completely free, with 11 over $20 per night.

That makes it 56% free camping, 24% of our camp sites under $20 a night and the remaining 20% were over $20 per night.

Victoria has proven to be king of free camping so far, especially if you spend time around the Victorian High Country, which are absolutely amazing.

Free camping in the High Country
If you want magic free camping, head to the High Country

How many camp sites required grey water to be contained? Absolutely none.

Number of nights in caravan parks: 9

Total camping fee costs: $1116 ($78 per week)

Average cost per night: $11.16

Most expensive camp site per night: Belair National Park Caravan Park at $53 per night

Total cost of food and general groceries: $3770 ($264 per week)

Eating out, bakeries and treats cost: $687 ($48 per week)

Experiences cost: $210 ($15 per week)

Heading to Goolwa on the steam train, Adelaide Zoo, Tantanoola Cave Tour and the Walhalla Gold Mine Tour

Total other random costs: $3817 (car service, gas refills, washing, registration and insurance for the camper and Dmax, camper tyre swap, replacement awning pole

Total cost for 100 days: $11922.1 ($835 per week)

Average cost per day: Around $119 per day.

This includes internet, but not phone recharges, health insurance, satellite phone costs, and other costs that are personal, and not necessarily relevant to your situation. We’re doing our best to keep this as the base costs, without including all sorts of random things (like mortgage repayments, home rates, house insurance etc etc. We have record of all of this, but won’t be including or sharing it.

Please add your own additional, individual costs to this if you are relying on the numbers.

Favourite places/camp sites: Deep Creek National Park, Rapid Bay, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, Aire Crossing, Jamieson Creek, Amblers Crossing, Mt Terrible, Coopers Creek, Bluff and Lovicks Hut, Grannys Flat Campground, Frys Flat Campground.

Overall feelings: We’ve had a pretty amazing 100 – 200 days of travel, and Victoria completely and utterly blew us away. It’s such an amazing place, and the Victorian High Country is up there with my favourite locations in Australia.

We’re also incredibly proud of how low we’ve kept the budget, and this second set of 100 days would have been even cheaper than the first if we didn’t have a $1500 service done on the Dmax in Wagga Wagga.

That said, the next 100 days is going to get hammered, as we’ve caught up with family in Queensland, done a lot of tourist things and camping fees are astronomical here.

Total costs for 0 – 200 days:

So, in total then, here’s what we’ve spent, summarised as best as possible:

Kilometres done: 15435

Total money spent: $23269

Total fuel used and cost: 2410 litres at $5119

Total camping fees: $2573

Average camping fee per night: $12.87

Total cost of groceries and food: $7077

Cost per day: $116

Cost per kilometre: $1.50

Hopefully this is helpful, and if it is, please share it around to anyone else that might find it handy. We’ll keep doing these posts (here’s our third 100 day travel costs post), but we’d love to know if you’ve found it valuable!

Exploring this country
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