Our setup for touring Australia

We love exploring Australia, and have seen some truly amazing places over the years. In that time, our travel setup has changed significantly; we started with a Hilux and an Oztent, then moved to an 80 Series, then to a soft floor camper trailer, and then to an Isuzu Dmax, and finally, a Hybrid Camper Trailer.

Pumphreys Bridge camping
Our original camper trailer and 80 series Land Cruiser

I always mention that everything is a compromise, and our case is no different. I travel with my wife and 2 young boys, and we have a setup that does what we need it to. Do I wish it was different from time to time? Absolutely, but that’s the way it is, and you can’t have the best of everything. Seriously; no matter what you travel in, there will be downsides.

The 4WD

Our 4WD of choice is a 4 year old Isuzu Dmax, purchased as an ex demo, and decked out for comfortably exploring Australia. We run a 50L under tray water tank, 150aH battery, 200W solar panel, a 85L fridge and a heap of other gear to make travelling comfortable.

Our Isuzu Dmax
Our 2016 Isuzu Dmax in the Kimberley

The Hybrid

Our Lifestyle Reconn R2 is a pretty unique camper trailer. With more than a tonne of payload, its able to carry anything we need it to. We run two 4kg gas bottles, 270L of drinking water, a portable toilet, outdoor shower, 240aH of batteries, 120W of solar panels (one solar panel came off!) and lots of space for storing food, cooking gear and anything else we want to take.

Dmax and Reconn
Our Lifestyle Reconn R2

The boat

If we are travelling with others (which we often do) its not uncommon to see our off road boat trailer and tinny coming along for the ride. Originally it was built to tow behind our 80 series, and we’ve left it like that. Running 33 inch tyres, soft springs, a bullet proof trailer that I personally modified and a Treg Hitch, it goes wherever we can tow it. 

We use a 25hp two stroke, which gets the boat moving even with 4 adults and dive gear, and we’ve caught more fish and had more fun in that boat than I care to imagine.

Off road boat trailer
Our off road boat trailer and tinny coming out of Warroora Station

We are seriously happy with the setup we’ve built over the years. It’s balanced out all of our needs as best as possible, and you can’t ask for more than that. 

What do you travel in?

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