Gym Beach; the best camping in Innes National Park

Local knowledge is the best knowledge anyone travelling can get, and when a local, family friend recommended we head to camp number 5 at Gym Beach, we jumped at the idea. We left Burners Beach towards Innes National Park for a gap in the better weather (still blowing 25km/h winds, but better than rain and gale force winds!).

Not knowing whether we’d actually get mum and dads caravan into camp number 5, we arrived, with the idea of booking once we confirmed it would fit. I had a good look, and then climbed right to the top of a big dune to make the booking for two nights, and it goes down as one of the best camps we’ve been at in South Australia.

Gym Beach is truly magic
Gym Beach is a spectacular place, and great camp ground

Where is Gym Beach?

Gym Beach is the northern most camp in the Innes National Park, and is somewhat segregated after the track from near Shell Beach was permanently closed. Gym Beach is only about 13 minutes by car from Marion Bay, and the (now) only entrance to the rest of the Innes National Park.

Map of the Innes National Park
Gym Beach is right at the top of the Innes National Park

What’s good about it?

We had a good look at the rest of the Innes National Park, and loved the fact that Gym Beach only has 6 camp sites, its well away from the rest of the park and is nice and quiet, and the beaches there are absolutely stunning.

We spent an entire day (and more the previous day) just kicking back and enjoying the scenery. It really is a special place.

Gym Beach views
Views of Gym Beach itself, which is incredible
Gym Beach is quiet
Gym Beach is much quieter than the rest of the Innes National Park
Walk to Gym Beach
We spent a lot of time at the beaches here

What amenities are at Gym Beach?

Gym Beach has two drop toilets, and that’s it. There’s no rubbish bins, no water, no dump point or anything else.

Gym Beach toilets
Gym Beach has two toilets, and that’s it
Gym Beach drop toilet
They’re your standard drop toilets

What’s so good about camp site number 5?

When we looked on the map, our inclination was to book camp site number 6, which is closer to the water, but camp site number 5 at Gym beach is about 60% covered with shade, and is tucked behind a big dune and plenty of trees, which makes it perfect (if you can fit in there!).

We’d heard that camp site 5 was not suitable for caravans, and like usual, wondered if that was actually the case. As it turns out, you can easily get a van into camp site number 5 (my folks took their single axle, 18’6 Kokoda Digger full off road van in without too much trouble).

Camped at site 5
We really loved camp site number 5

If you want to get a van and a hybrid in it gets a big more challenging, but we managed without too much trouble, and had a magic, calm and shady camp site that was far more private than the others for the entire stay.

Squeezing our Reconn R2 into camp
Our Reconn R2 was close to the tree’s, but it fit

Camp site 4 and 6 have some protection from the wind, but 1, 2 and 3 are much more exposed and despite the fact that you get some ocean views, we preferred 5.

Camp site number 3
Camp site number 3 is a short walk from the water. 1 and 2 have ocean views

Our vlog of Gym Beach

Keen to see more of this truly epic part of the Innes National Park? Watch this:

YouTube video

How much does it cost to camp at Gym Beach?

Gym beach camping is $24 per site, unless its suitable for two vehicles, and then you can get it for $34.50 per night, which split between two setups is only $17.25 a night; not bad at all.

When you are travelling with friends or family we generally prefer to be on the same site if possible anyway, and this saves a chunk of money in doing so.

Camp site 5 saves some money
We saved a bit of money camped together on site 5 too

Overall, Gym Beach is up there with the best parts of the Innes National Park. We loved the fact that it was quieter, and more untouched, and would happily return for a few more nights!

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