2 weeks at Steep Point and Denham

We’ve just returned from 9 nights out at Steep Point, and 6 in Denham itself. Organising the trip was a fair bit of work to ensure we had enough fuel, water, food and firewood and that the 3 trailers made it out there without any damage, but the effort was well and truly rewarded. Here’s what we got up to:

Shark Bay World Heritage Area by 4WD
After fueling up at the Overlander, we entered the Shark Bay World Heritage Area
Hamelin Station Stay with 4WDing Australia
First nights stop; Hamelin Station Stay. After an uneventful 9 hour drive from Perth we were happy to have arrived
Deflating tyres on Useless Loop Road
Heading out to Steep Point the following morning on Useless Loop Road
Fan belt replacement on 80 Series Land Cruiser
The first of a few issues with vehicles; replacing fan belts on the 80 series.
Steep Point trawling for Mackerel
After setting up camp, we headed out in the tinny for a quick troll. An hour later we had a Shark Mackerel and Spaniard.
Sunrise at Shelter Bay at Steep Point
The next mornings sunrise. We caught plenty of these due to young Oliver waking early. We left both boats in the water each night.
Ocean views from our Camper Trailer at Steep Point
Our camper trailer and Land Cruiser set up with Ocean views. The solar panels did very well again.
Stars at Steep Point in WA
Lots of amazing stars when you are away from the light pollution
Fires at Steep Point must be self contained
Relaxing around the fire. We had enough wood for a fire every night, except the first
80 Series Land Cruiser rear drawers
The back of our 80 Series Land Cruiser
Camping at Steep Point
Living the camping dream
Wellard Camping Steep Point
Our Camp site at Shelter Bay. The largest site, furthest west and called Wellard
Tinny trawling at Steep Point
Trolling the back of Dirk Hartog Island in our Tinny
Shelter Bay Spanish Mackerel
Two Spanish Mackerel I picked up just out of Shelter Bay
Stars and Ford Ranger at Steep Point
Kyle’s Ford Ranger soaking up the stars
80 Series Land Cruiser fan belts turning upside down
Fan belts flicked off and turned upside down on the Land Cruiser
Shelter Bay camping in August
A cold and misty morning at Shelter Bay
Relaxing around the fire at Steep Point
Another evening spent around the fire
Steep Point 2017 with 4WDing Australia
After many failed attempts at a long exposure we landed a couple of great shots
Trawling for Cobia at Steep Point
Clayton’s 17kg Cobia from trolling
Gold Halco Lure results with a Cobia
A stonker fish caught on a Gold Halco lure
Trawling at Steep Point
1420mm long; trolling is full of highs and lows!
Oliver at Steep Point
Early morning walks with Oliver
Steep Point boat trailer towing
My off road boat trailer used for getting access to places like Steep Point
Steep Point with 4WDing Australia
The Western most point of Australia
Snakes at Steep Point
A little snake that struck Sarah’s ugg boot. Any idea what it is?
Steep Point fishing
The Oven, Steep Point
Smoked Mackerel fish at Steep Point
Smoking some Mackerel. The most delicious way to eat fish
Shelter Bay at Steep Point Sharks
We saw heaps of Sharks just a few hundred metres from Shelter Bay
Sharks at Steep Point
Some were about the same size as our boat (3.75m)
Steep Point Sunrise
Another morning in paradise
80 Series Land Cruiser wheel bearing failure
On the way out the front left wheel bearing failed spectacularly and destroyed the spindle
Shark Bay Mechanical Tow service
With no way of limping it into town a tow truck was called
Denham foreshore in WA
Checking out the Denham foreshore
Eagle Bluff Denham
Eagle Bluff, 19km from Denham
Eagle Bluff walk
Eagle Bluff boardwalk
Welcome Sparrows in the Gasgoyne
Lots of little Welcome Swallows
Shark Bay Aquarium
We called in for a visit to the Shark Bay Aquarium
Coral Trout at Denham
A Coral trout that has turned black in captivity
Stonefish at the Shark Bay Aquarium
A Stonefish. Step on this and you will be in a world of pain. You need to be very careful of these
Day trip to Francois Peron National Park
Heading out to Francois Peron National Park for the day
Salt pan at Francois Peron
Crossing the salt pan
Marine life at Skip jack point
Skip jack point. It was blowing a gale, otherwise this is a great spot to see marine life
Sand at Francois Peron National Park
The most incredible orange sand
Shock absorber bushes flogged out
Daniel replacing some flogged shock absorber bushes
Granddad shoulder ride with Oliver
Oliver having a shoulder ride from Granddad
Skip Jack point lookout in Francois Peron National Park
Skip jack point lookout
Oliver walking at Francois Peron National Park
Oliver learning to walk
Cape Peron at Denham
Cape Peron. There are worse places to spend an afternoon!
Emu and chicks at Denham
An Emu with 4 chicks
Artesian hot springs at Denham
The Artesian hot springs that were extremely hot!
Denham birds
A little Hawk on the way back into Denham
Denham sunset
One final sunset at Denham

We live in the most amazing country in the world; with so much to see you’ve just got to plan it and go. I’ll put up more posts in the future covering each location, but I’d love to hear from you below.


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  1. We really are lucky, there can’t be too many places in the world where you can enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Little Oliver looks pretty happy too. Love the night photography (and the underwater shots too).

  2. Um, 4000 kms for me 🙁

  3. Cheers Ziggy,

    You’ll love the National Park – so amazing and easy to get to as well. Thanks for the tip on the bird. I was going to put bird of prey, but figured that would look silly


  4. Awesome Job & Great Photography; Shark Bay is truly a world heritage area. We are so lucky to have it on our back door step.
    I was in this area for 10 nights last month.

  5. Great spots Aaron.
    The Skipjack lookout pic is a beaut.
    Peron NP is on my to-do list.
    BTW the little Hawk looks like a Nankeen Kestrel to me.