Broome and the trip up

Welcome to part one of our photo posts, highlighting the amazing time we had over 5 weeks in the Kimberley. If you want to see the next post, you can find it here – Off to Cape Leveque.

If you are chasing a complete, free, online guide to travelling the Kimberley, check out this – The ultimate guide to the Kimberley.

At 3AM on May 2, 2015, we got into our fully loaded 80 series Land Cruiser and headed north. The start of our holiday was Broome, but we had planned to stop at Newman for a night, before doing the remaining 11 hours the following day.

On the way to Newman
Stopped for a quick break
Newman to Broome
Newman to Port Hedland is a very scenic drive
Early morning drives
Certainly a change from driving around Perth
Perth to Broome
The sun just about to show its face
Some big loads heading north
We passed a number of big road trains on the way up
Port Hedland mining
The mining in Port Hedland was pretty incredible
A little accident with the Gopro
The GoPro got hit by a giant bug
Cable Beach Caravan Park
After two long days of driving, we were pretty happy to set up camp at Cable Beach Caravan Park
Heading out to Gantheaume Point
Off to Gantheaume Point
Gantheaume Point by 4WD
A truly remarkable place
Gantheaume Point Broome
Nothing beats the access a 4WD gives you
Broome Boating
A nifty boat just around the corner
Broomes Town beach
Broome’s town beach
Broome Town Beach
The bluest water you will ever see
Replacing the axle oil seal
Replacing a leaking axle seal in the car park
Malcolm douglas Crocodile park
Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park
Broome Crocodiles
They love the algae
Crocodile Park Broome
Our tour guide getting really excited
Broome Giant Crocodile
They’ve got some mammoth crocodiles here
Malcolm Douglas dingo
A dingo at the crocodile park (in it’s own enclosure of course!)
Cable Beach car park
Cable beach car park
Cable beach 4WD
Possibly the best thing about Broome; 4WD access directly onto Cable beach!
Driving onto Cable Beach
Heading down for the sunset with some fish and chips
Broome Camels
The camels in Broome
Broome Cable Beach
Massive tides means a huge beach to drive on
Cable Beach 4WD sunset
Loving the way the water sits on the sand
Fishing at 80 mile
Fishing at 80 mile beach
80 mile beach shells
80 mile beach shell collection
Perfect beach sunsets
More beautiful sunsets
Our 80 at 80 mile
Our 80 has taken us to some truly special places

From here, we headed up to Cape Leveque, another magical place in the Kimberley. You can see the photos in our next post at Cape Leveque. From there, we hit the Gibb River road, and then Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    We stayed there back in 2015, so a while ago! If its the same site, it had a bit of shade, some views and a bit of protection. We liked it, and preferred it over the cliff ones that would leave you exposed to the wind. It’s only a short walk to the beach

    Have fun

  2. Kevin Brennan says:

    Saw your blog on middle lagoon and that you were on site 29 which is the site we’ve booked for April. Is it a good site and what would be the positives and negatives. Cheers and Thankyou. Kevin.