One of the things that we pride ourselves on above anything else is accurate, unbiased product reviews. We don’t get paid to write about these products, nor do we rave about anything that is rubbish. We don’t work for anyone, and have no conflict of interest. 

On the very rare occasion that we get something given to us, you know about it within the first few paragraphs of the post. We are not in the business of selling you anything, or pushing you to buy products that are either no good, or not necessary.

On this page, you’ll find a huge number of reviews that we’ve done ranging from our very own vehicle and hybrid camper trailer to 4WD accessories, camping gear and heaps more.

Isuzu Dmax Review

Isuzu DmaxAfter nearly 5 years and 75,000km, we’ve done a completely unbiased review of our Dmax, and the products used in the build. It’s not perfect, and we’ve certainly had some problems along the way but we intend on keeping it for a number of years yet. Want to know how the Isuzu Dmax has performed? Have a read of our review here.

Lifestyle Reconn R2 Hybrid Caravan

Reconn R2 HypercamperAfter using our soft floor camper for about 3 years, we’ve upgraded to a Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper, and done more than 150 nights in it. It’s a massive upgrade, but isn’t perfect either. Want to know more? Check out our in depth review here.


Stedi ST4K 42 inch LED Light Bar Review

Stedi LED Light bar reviewIf you are looking at running an ST4K LED light bar on your vehicle, here’s a comprehensive and unbiased review of our 42 inch unit that we’ve been using for the last 5 years



Portable Diesel Heater Review

Chinese portable diesel heaterIf you want to be toasty warm in your tent, caravan or camper trailer then you can’t go wrong with a diesel heater. We’ve been running a Portable Diesel Heater for a couple of years now, and highly rate it.


Our new camping kettle

Campfire camping kettleSome time ago we upgraded our camping kettle, and its been absolutely hammered over the years. If you are in the market for a new camp kettle, this might suit you.



Eaton Harrop Elockers

E locker switchesIf you want to make your 4WD significantly more capable, one of the best ways is to fit a differential locker. We had twin ELockers in our 80 Series Land Cruiser, and have done a comprehensive review into how they perform here.



Beaudesert Exhaust

The new Beaudesert exhaustAnother modification done to our 80 Series was to replace the squashed (literally) exhaust with a 3 inch unit from Beaudesert Exhaust. They did a magic job, and you can read our review here.



Kaymar Rear Bar

80 Series rear barWe’ve run two Kaymar Rear Bars over the years, and have always been seriously impressed with them. Of course, you should be given how much you pay, but they are a great bit of kit.



Kings Solar Blanket Review

Kings Solar BlanketIf you are after the cheapest solar blanket on the market, the Kings Solar Blanket might be a suitable option. I picked one up around a year ago as a backup, and trial for our Reconn Camper Trailer. It works, but not as well as I’d hoped, and it already has some water ingress. Want to know more? Check the review out.


Projecta Dual Battery Monitor Review

Dual battery monitor by ProjectaIf you want a simple way to keep an eye on your battery voltage, the Projecta Dual Battery Monitor is a pretty simple and cost effective way of doing so. We’ve had two over the years, and although the second one is slowly failing, they’ve been good.


Enerdrive DC2DC Review

Enerdrive DC2DCIf you want one of the better DCDC chargers on the market, you can’t go wrong with an Enerdrive DC2DC. We had one come with our Reconn R2, and have been seriously impressed with it. Want to know why they are good? Find out here.


Evakool Fridge Review

82L Evakool Freezer fullAfter owning 3 Evakool Fridges and running them in a variety of combinations, its time to do a review. Evakool make a variety of different options, and they are quite a popular 12V fridge freezer. Are they worth it, or good quality? Find out here.


eBay Head Torch Review

eBay Head torchesWith the price we paid for these eBay Head Torches, we figured a year or two out of them would be good value. 7 years on and they are still going strong, and they are incredibly bright and user friendly. 


Projecta DCDC review

Projecta DCDCIf you are in the market for a DCDC, there’s some good ones and some bad ones. We’ve been running our Projecta IDC25, and its about to be removed. Want to know why? Check out our full review here.


Topargee Water Tank Gauge

Topargee water meterIf you are sick and tired of trying to work out how much water is left in your tanks, consider fitting one of these, which will tell you to the litre how much you have left. We’ve been running two Topargee Gauges for a couple of years now (they came with our Reconn R2), and have been really happy with them.


Victron MPPT Review

Victron 100/30 MPPTI’ve always thought very highly of Victron products, and their MPPT that we ran on our soft floor camper trailer backed this up every day of the week. Want to know what we thought of our 100/30 MPPT? Find out here.



Take the easy way out!If there is an easier and safer way to recover a 4WD that doesn’t involve the use of Maxtrax, I’d love to see it. These are an awesome Australian innovation, and are used by thousands of people worldwide.


AFN Bull Bar Review

Dmax antennasOn this build, we went with a Bull Bar that was a bit different from the norm for a number of reasons. I’ve been fairly happy with it overall, but its certainly not perfect and it has a couple of areas where it really should be improved on. Want to know more about the AFN bar? Here’s our review.


Seat Covers by Ruffnuts and Tuffnuts

Durapatch Ruffnuts Seat CoverIf you want to look after your seats, consider fitting a set of seat covers. In our 80 Series we had a couple of products being run, which performed very well.



UltraGauge Review

Ultra gauge on the DmaxIf you have a modern 4WD and head out into the bush without an OBD2 reader, you are mad. Not only can it help you fix a problem, but it allows you to monitor your vehicles health and clear any error codes that might happen. If you can’t clear them, you can be in limp mode for a long time, which isn’t much fun at all.


DO35 Hitch Review

DO35 hitchAfter struggling with our Treg hitch for many years, moving to a DO35 hitch on our new hybrid camper trailer was one of the most appreciated moves ever. These are a hugely popular off road hitch, and for good reason.


Cgear Mat Review

Cgear mat testingOn occasion, we are happy to pay a premium for the best possible product out there, and we ended up with two Cgear mats; one for our camper trailer and one for day visits to the beach. The thing is though, are they actually the best, or are they a complete rip off?


ARB Frontier Long Range Tank Review

ARB Frontier Tank

After putting off getting a long range tank for ever, because I was worried about weights, I committed to getting an ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank, which are a bit different to many on the market. We’ve been using it for more than a year now, and have plenty of comments to make. 


Quick Pitch Shower Tent Review

Quick Pitch Shower Tent setupA hot shower in the bush is the ultimate improvement in camping comfort, and having a shower or toilet tent that is easy to use is important for privacy. We’ve been running the Quick Pitch Shower Tent for 3 years on our R2 Camper now, and have been quietly impressed with it.


Safari Snorkel Review

Dmax snorkelThere’s a reason that Safari have the bulk of the market when it comes to buying a quality 4WD snorkel. We’ve had two so far (one on our previous 80 series) and have just finished a review.



Bushman Upright Fridge Review

85L Bushman FridgeWe moved to an upright fridge more than a year ago now, and the move was huge. Initially I could never understand the attraction, but after owning one there’s some huge improvements. In this post, we review the Bushman Upright Fridge, which has been awesome, except for one major problem, and it really frustrates me!

Redarc Brake Controller Review

Dmax tow controllerIf you are towing anything heavier than 750kg, it should have brakes, and these days a lot have moved over to electric brake systems. Redarc has been selling their brake controllers for many years, and they’re a popular little unit. Here’s our thoughts.


Enerdrive Inverter Review

Enerdrive InverterAn inverter can make life on the road a lot easier, and we’ve had a few over the years. Our current one is made by Enerdrive, which I purchased after having some issues with our Projecta one (which were likely not related to the inverter). Find out our full thoughts here.


Aeropress Review

Aeropress for coffeeWe’ve got the capacity to run a full blown coffee machine in our Reconn R2 if we wanted, but I keep using our Aeropress Coffee Maker, and its the perfect camping option. Not heard of them before, or want some unbiased information? Here’s our review.



Power AGM Battery Review

Power AGM batteriesOn our previous camper trailer we ran two 135aH Power AGM brand batteries for our freezer and 400W solar panel system, and had a pretty good run with them. They are one of the cheaper batteries out there, but as you’ll see in our review, hold their own and perform pretty well.


Amaron Battery Review

Amaron BatteryNot long after getting our Runva Winch, we ditched the factory Dmax battery and upgraded to an Amaron Battery, with a much higher CCA, size and quality level. That battery failed not too long ago, and we’ve done a complete review on it here.



Ark Jockey Wheel Review

Ark Jockey wheelYou only have to look at the Ark Jockey Wheel to know that its built to mean business. People who break their jockey wheel and want something bullet proof often end up with these, and we’ve been really happy with its performance so far.


Oztent Sturt Chair

Oztent SturtAfter 10 years, I decided it was time to upgrade the camping chair and we purchased two Oztent Sturt chairs. They have some pretty neat features which we love, but are bulky and take up a lot of room. If you want to see the full review, check this out.


Thetford Toilet

Portable toiletToilets are not the most glamorous topic, but they are pretty important. We’ve been running a Thetford Portable Toilet for a number of years now, and have always been quite happy with it.



Nemesis Wheel Clamp

Wheel clampSecurity is hugely important when it comes to caravans and camper trailers today, and I wanted something that would stand out and severely deter anyone from taking our new Hybrid Caravan. We purchased a Nemesis Wheel Clamp, and after a couple of years use its time to do a review.


Ryobi 18V Fan

Ryobi 18V Fan reviewIf you want a portable fan that has batteries which are interchangeable with other tools, the Ryobi 18V fan might be a good option. They can run off 240V, and can easily be moved around which makes them pretty convenient.


Darche Fire Pit

Portable fire pitNothing beats food cooked over the fire, and after really falling in love with cooking with fire, we purchased a Darche Fire Pit. It’s been used quite a bit, even in our own small backyard and always does a good job. Want to know more about it? Check it out here.


Camp Braai

Camp BraaiProducts that are light, functional and innovative always get my attention, and when I saw the Camp Braai in use I realised how useful it would be. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and really rate its flexibility and the amazing tasting food that you get from it.


Runva Winch

Runva Winch ReviewYou don’t need a winch, until you do. We’ve had our Runva winch bolted on the front of the Dmax for a number of years now, and its always done its job when we’ve needed it to. If you are in the market for a medium range 4WD winch with a good warranty, you can’t go too wrong with a Runva.


Bridgestone Dueler 697

Tyre wearTyres will make or break your 4WDing experience, and we’ve been running the Bridgestone Dueler 697 tyres for a number of years, and around 40,000km so far. Coming directly from Toyo Open Country AT2’s, it was a good comparison between the two.


Bull Motor Bodies Canopy

Bridgestone Tyre reviewOne of the items I’m most pleased about on our Dmax is the Bull Motor Bodies Canopy that I purchased second hand, modified and then installed onto our Dmax. It was a good price, they are incredibly well built, light and modular and it just works.


Low Energy Developments Solar Panel

Permanent solar on our 4WDIn a world where so many companies are selling solar panels that are over stated in their wattages, its nice to deal with a local business over east who advertises correctly, and sells all of the gear you need to go with your solar panels. We’ve had 3 of the Low Energy Development 200W panels (and still run one today) and have been really happy with them



Toyo Open Country AT2 Tyres

Tyres are part of your leaseOur first set of proper tyres on the Dmax were Toyo Open Country AT2’s, and we did a pretty significant trip up north with them, covering a lot of ground and a lot of different terrain. They performed quite well, albeit wore more than we were expecting. Keen on a full review? Check it out here.


Old Man Emu Suspension

Old man Emu SuspensionThere’s a lot of suspension businesses out there today, and when it came time to putting aftermarket suspension on our Isuzu Dmax I went with ARB’s Old Man Emu Suspension. After more than 50,000km and 4 years, its time to do a comprehensive review on how they’ve performed, and whether we’d get them again.