4WD adventures in our 80 series Landcruiser

We’ve had our 80 series Landcruiser for a couple of years now, and have done a lot of work to it. In return, we’ve had some truly amazing trips with it, and created memories that money can’t buy. Below are some of the places we’ve been in our 4WD. Where have you been? Where’s your next trip?

Our 80 when we first got it
As we bought it; a rebuilt 1HDT, manual with a number of basic mods
Our new 80 series
It was set up for desert touring
Preston Beach 4x4
One of our first runs to Preston Beach
Alexandra Bridge
A weekend spent down at Alexandra Bridge
Pemberton camping
Camped next to the Warren River in Yeagarup
Yeagarup beach
Yeagarup beach
Yeagarup camping
Camped with mates at Yeagarup
Captain Fawcett Track
The Captain Fawcett Track in Dwellingup
Captain Fawcett track camping
Camped along the Fawcett Track
Off to the north
Day 1 of 3 weeks up north
Karijini camping
Camped at Karijini
Mount Nameless
At the top of Mt Nameless
Cleaverville 4x4
Cleaverville; an amazing place
Exmouth Caravan Park
A quick stop at a Caravan Park in Exmouth
Gnaraloo cliffs
Ballooning from Gnaraloo Station cliffs
Near Quobba
Entering Francios National Park
Onto Francois Peron National Park
At Cape Peron
At Cape Peron
Julimar 4WD tracks
A day out at Julimar
Julimar in the dust
Testing the twin ELockers
Off to Israelite Bay
3 weeks down south, starting at Israelite Bay
Bogged in a salt lake
Although we very nearly didn’t make it!
Israelite Bay
Enjoying Israelite Bay
Point Malcolm
Point Malcolm
Thomas River for the day
Thomas River at Big Tagon bay
Duke of Orleans Camping
Camped at Duke of Orleans
Duke of Orleans 4x4 tracks
Exploring the many 4WD tracks around Duke of Orleans
Lucky Bay 4x4
A quick stop at Lucky Bay
Washing the 80 at Esperance
Washing half the salt lake off in Esperance
Diff oil leak
Front diff oil leak
Fishing west of Esperance
Our secret Bream spot near Esperance
Young River
Young River 4WD Track
Shelley Beach Albany
Shelley Beach in Albany
Bremer Bay beaches
Bremer’s beach by 4WD (that’s us in the distance!)
Point Ann
Point Ann at the Fitzgerald National Park
Waychinicup Camping
At Waychinicup camping
4WD tracks at Albany
Exploring Waychinicup National Park
Near Cosy Corner
Not too far from Cosy Corner
Giant Karri Tree
The giant karri tree
Lennard Track
Lennard 4WD track in Collie
Lennard flex test
Testing the flex
Black Diamond 4x4
Black Diamond in Collie
Mundaring Powerlines flex
Mundaring Powerlines with all terrains
Belvidere beach
Wave Rock Caravan Park
At Wave Rock Caravan Park
Hyden for the Holland Track
Hyden, just before starting the Holland Track
On The holland track
On the Holland Track, near Mount Holland itself
Enjoying the Holland Track
Perfect serenity
Holland Track by 4WD
Loving the big 80
Mud on the Holland Track
Lots of water around
Brunswick 4x4
Exploring the 4WD Tracks in Brunswick Junction
Camping at Brunswick
Camped for the night
Lancelin Sand Dunes
Airing down for Lancelin Sand Dunes
Lancelin dune climb
Testing the 80’s power and floatation
Wedge Island 4x4
Wedge island as the sun goes down
4x4 tracks around Dwellingup
Exploring the Dwellingup 4WD tracks
Flex at Dwellingup
It’s hard to resist a little flex
Byford 4WD tracks
Byford 4WD tracks
Milyeannup beach
Millyeannup on private property, at the beach
Lake Jasper 4x4
Stopped at Lake Jasper
Bogged near Lake Jasper
And, got bogged at Lake Jasper
East Augusta
East Augusta
Blackwood River
Along the Blackwood River
Balingup 4x4 Tracks
Balingup 4WD tracks
Balingup 4WD tracks
This hill got worse and worse
Waroona Dam
Waroona Dam 4WDing
Waroona 4x4 hill climbs
Got to love the ELockers
Waroona 4WD recovery
Recovering two people who went too close to the water
Two Rocks 4x4
Two rocks 4WD day out
Camping at Collie
Riverside camping with no one in sight on a long weekend!
Collie water crossing
A little crossing
On our way up north
Our first stop, about 500km into the 2200km to Broome!
Port hedland
Day 2, at Port hedland
Cable Beach broome
Cable Beach in Broome
Town beach Broome
Town Beach
On to Cape Leveque
Off to Cape Leveque
Middle Lagoon Broome
Middle Lagoon on the ridge
Kooljaman beach by 4WD
Hunter Creek
Hunter Creek with Brian Lee
Derby Police
Police in Derby
Gibb River Road
The start of the gravel on the Gibb River Road
Camped at Windjana
Camped near Windjana Gorge
The GibbR iver Road
Lots of gravel driving on the Gibb
Camped near Bell Gorge
The camp site near Bell Gorge
Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary
Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
Fun at Mornington
More 4WD adventures than you can poke a stick at
Coming back from Wunumurra Gorge
A 4WD Track at Mt Elizabeth
Camped at Mt Elizabeth
Awesome camp grounds at Mt Elizabeth
Drysdale Station
Drysdale Station
Ellenbrae camping
A quick stop at Ellenbrae station
Lookout near the Pentecost river
Enjoying the view near the Pentecost River
Coming back from Emma Gorge
Coming back from Emma Gorge at El Questro
Leaving El Questro
After 5 days at El Questro it was hard to leave!
Lake Argyle
Onto Lake Argyle
Lake Argyle 4x4 tracks
What a place!
Bungle Bungles
The Bungles are amazing too
Camping at the Bungle Bungles
Awesome camp sites in the Kimberley!
Leaving the Bungles
Corrugations on the way out of the Bungles
Powerlines Track in Perth
Back to the Powerlines Track
Mundaring with mates
4WDing with mates; does it get any better?!
Mud at Mundaring
Giving the 80 a work out
Enjoying Mundaring
Loving the different tracks
Rocks at Mundaring
The last rock step
Bremer Bay beaches
Bremer Bay over Christmas
4WD modification tips
Magic beaches
Preston Beach
Loving our local beaches
Preston beach with the new tinny
Testing the new off road boat trailer and tinny
Leaving Kalbarri
Carrarang station, Steep Point, Kalbarri and Horrocks trip
East Landing camping
Carrarang station; one of the most amazing places in WA
Carrarang station at Night
Camping metres from the water; amazing
Nothing beats a warm fire
A good fire down south of WA

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  1. Good to hear Bonny. Owning a 4WD has given us a heap of extra places to see. You’ll have to get one!


  2. Put all in one post like that it’s amazing how many adventures you’ve been on the past few years. I’m very inspired!